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Stress Environment has to be 'wiped out' (Net-Working Survival Guide), if not than employee has to be trained to handle stressful situations. But expecting a lot out of employee's limited resources and restrictions is unfair. Deterministic view has to be adopted while improving the organizational structure such that the level of stress is significantly reduced.

Organizational structures can be improved by adopting following strategies,

Realistic Approach: Realistic Approach is required not just in terms of imposing the employee with the work load but also while making expectations out of the employee. The performance of the employee has to be evaluated much on the grounds of the results the employee within the work environment rather than evaluating on the basis of results only. Proper and realistic margin should be kept in case the employee fails to handle the job. The employee firstly has to be assured that his performance will never have significant impact on his job security, but it is also the right of the employer to warn the employee of reduction or limitation of other financial offerings. Definitely an understanding has to accorded reach time assignments are handed over to the employee, but it is important that all policies and organizational structures are devised with realistic approach.

Work Environment and Favoritism: The employer should adopt neutral and impartial stand, the employer's preference or likeness for a particular employee should be on the based of performance. The bias attitude of the employer also subjects the employee under stress. Organizational structure should be such that it provides the employees under same position with equal opportunity to excel and participate. The work environment should be conducive, and polarities within the employees should be avoided. This factor can be minimized if within organizational structure such methodology is devised which discourages the top management from splitting up. The grouping within the top management of the organization leads way for the formation of poles within the employees, and this further develop certain stress and pressure on the employee, who has no other option but to join any for his survival.

Work Load: It has better and practical to have replacement or substitute employee for required position, rather than assigning heavy credit assignments to the sole employee, who with his limited resources and excise pressure finds it difficult to carry forward. In every multinational company instead of having single authority for the key position, we have more than one candidate to share the work load mutual. This again depends much on the nature of the assignment, and can be avoided in certain cases.

Organizational Structure can be grouped on the basis of tasks, performance, number of employees and certain other criteria. It is however common practice to divide and fragmentize the organization on the basis of the performance and project. The organizational structure should have enough allowance for the employee to have time for himself and his personal family needs have to be respected, and the employee should be given enough resources and opportunities to fulfill his personal and family needs.


Chevron, the American Oil giant, suffered major economic blow during 2001-2, the oil company was on the verge of bankruptcy. However the company management even then prevented move of lying off thousands of its employees. During this crucial phase maximum number of the employees retained their positions. However it was observed the by the management of the company that the employees were heavily under stress, much because of the uncertainty that surrounded the company's future activities. Under this scenario the company launched motivation campaigns only to subjugate the stress and pressure employee faced. The employees were provided with enough financial offerings, regular salaries, bonuses just to ensure that the company was on smooth sail. The organizational structure was been thoroughly reviewed, and employees skeptical opinions were being removed. In some of the cases the responsibilities of the certain employees were increased, but those employees at parallel were provided with relaxed rules and regulations to achieve without any haste. Results have been outstanding even after 5 years we find Chevron existing, the company has successfully climbed the ladder of hardships and uncertainties, and is on the peak again.


The Organization Development Plan is paramount to the success of the organization, provided it strengthen the workforce and successfully delivers the expectations of the workforce. The Stress Management has to be implemented, and employees have to be offered certain training courses through which the workforce can reduce the stress factor rather than compromise over the workload. The employee has to be motivated, rewarded, respected, appreciated and his feelings and limitations either personal or professional have to be respected.


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