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Survive With No Internet

The internet is a home to millions of people worldwide. The internet is a platform that completely changed how people communicate and go about their business. Currently, there are 2,405 million internet users all around the world, out of a population of 7 billion. This means that for every 100 inhabitants an average of 35 people are internet users. Since almost half of the population depends on internet to survive, it would be true to say that it is impossible to survive without internet. This essay appreciates the value of the internet but goes on to explain how to survive without it and still enjoy a smooth and informed life. The essay has six basic steps that will help people survive without internet and they include the following; make friends with a smart person, develop more facial expressions, create the biggest scrapbook ever, produce a vaudeville show, take interest in the world around you and kidnap Anthony and Ian.

The internet offers the following essential services; e-mail, remote access, publishing on the web, interactive learning services, games, chat lines or rooms, videoconferencing and e-commerce. These services are accessible through the Web, which is an interconnection of documents, images, files and other resources through hyperlinks. These services make it possible for the world to run as they allow people to link up from different corners of the world.

The first step towards surviving without such a precious service provider is making friends with a smart person. The internet is the one platform where one will find information about anything. Services like world web and remote access allow one to access information from anywhere in the world. A major web browser that makes internet so valuable is Google+. This browser makes information accessible so fast and allows one to store and transfer documents. All internet users feel inclined to use it and almost confuse Google with the internet.

To survive without it, individuals must find a substitute that will still offer the same information and nothing would be much better than a smart person would. A smart person will most certainly avail that information without thinking too much about it. The other benefit is that a smart person will feel challenged to find out what he does not know and in the process relay that information to whoever asks. A smart person will give information freely unlike paying to access internet. The task for an individual to survive will be to befriend the smart person so that he does not get offended when called for two or three seconds. A smart person is always going out of his way to stay informed and updated about everything. He or she is like a walking, breathing Google browser.

An example of how to go about it is to identify a smart person, (say Amos). Find out what Amos likes to do and the areas that he is best informed about. Whenever you need information that Amos is certain to have, all you have to do is ask. For example, "Hey Amos, when did the city of Rome fall?" His response will be something like, "In 476 B.C., when Augustus the Emperor of Rome was disposed by some German chieftain" You will have gotten the answer to your question freely, and so fast, it will seem unbelievable. Thanks to the power of friendship with smart people, one can do without the internet and move to the next step of developing facial expressions.

After befriending a smart person and being free enough to have short precise conversations, the next step is developing more facial expressions. Internet users spend so much time in front of their tablets, phones, computers, and laptops that they have few, if any, facial expressions. This is because electronic gadgets have no expressions or emotional expectations. Internet is not able to express emotion except for limited smiley faces that rarely pass accurate information across. The internet has software that generates pictures and images of facial expressions. These images lack the quality that only reality gives to facial expressions.

Facial expressions explain the emotional intent behind the information one is passing across. To survive without internet, one must practice making various facial expressions besides a mirror. The purpose is to learn how to accompany information with the right expression. This will see to it that one gets away saying quite the unacceptable simply because of the facial expression. Most people get the gravity of the information passed from the expression, than the actual words. Learning how to reinforce information using facial expressions is a practical lesson that the internet cannot give. It is important for surviving without internet, as one does not have to repeat the information in order to have its gravity understood.

For example, to express warning, a serious facial expression will go a long way. People may not have to utter any words. Facial expressions make people understand what one is feeling and thus respond appropriately. This is paramount for effective communication and overall survival of human beings. It also helps one to communicate when there is no alternative to express emotion. After learning how to communicate by developing facial expressions, a big scrapbook can be developed

When your face speaks louder than your mouth, you can take time to create the biggest scrapbook ever. It is the next step to surviving without internet. The internet has various social media networks like facebook, twitter, 2go and mySpace that give internet users an opportunity to keep record of friends and the things that go on in their lives. Many people cannot spend two straight hours without connecting with their friends and colleagues through some media. Such networks make it possible to link people from different ends of the world and even keep track of their daily activities.

To survive without internet does not mean that one should forget about friends. A scrapbook is a handmade facebook account that one fills with the necessary information and experiences of friends and colleagues. A big scrapbook with the names and details of friends and close family members will serve the same purpose more effectively. The scrapbook can have photos of experiences with friends and handwritten articles of the same. Making a scrapbook from scratch will give one the time to evaluate his or her friend list and include people that one values deeply. That means that it is an opportunity to take initiative to know all of one's friends personally. An individual will then find more meaning to friendship and other aspects that he includes in the scrapbook.

An example is coming up with scrapbook that includes friends, family, work colleagues, and business. Such a scrapbook can include contact details of all the relevant groups. On individual pages, people can write how they came to know each other that they are currently performing. The owner of the scrapbook is at liberty to choose which information to put in the scrapbook. By the time the scrapbook is complete, one will have forgotten about facebook and gotten an even more personal and sentimental connection to friends and family all over the world. Stealing glances at the scrapbook is a very effective way of reconnecting with friends and family even without talking to them in person. People can then focus on how to produce a vaudeville show.

Entertainment is an integral part of everybody's life. It is impossible to work without entertainment or leisure time. The internet is a great source of entertainment and for years has been the go to avenue when one is bored. The internet contains web pages for example you tube, where internet users spend hours a day listening to music and downloading movies. Others who are interested in literature and art also find solace on the internet. It is referred to as the best entertainment source and especially so for the younger generation. It is still possible to be entertained without the internet.

The idea of creating a vaudeville show to keep one from the internet is very plausible. This show actually comprises of magicians, musicians, comedians, dancers and trained animals. It is demanding but entertaining to produce such a show. This is because it borrows from various genres of the entertainment industry and puts them together in one show. Taking time to produce something so grand does not only spur creativity but ensures participation from friends, family, and professionals to have a most entertaining experience. The thought of being able to enjoy such an experience is enough to draw one away from the internet. Producing the show will take even more time and sitting down to enjoy it, once complete, will make sure that one survives without internet but still gets entertained tremendously.

A good way to go about it would be to involve friends and family in the production of the show and give them roles. A practical example is producing a show that centers on issues that the individual finds entertaining for example dance…[continue]

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