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The Tao does not encourage this type of thinking. Rather, the Tao believes that it is natural for man to think for himself and to think logically. When we as humans are not allowed to think for ourselves, we take away the options we have to experience live to the fullest (www.columbia.edu/cu/Augustine/arch/lewis/abolition1.htm).

The Conditioners are not proponents of the Tao, either. Selective breeding goes completely against nature. The Conditioners have stepped totally outside of the Tao and created their own values system. Instead of allowing mankind to grow naturally, they seek to remake mankind to fit their mold. If this is allowed to take place, then we have a race of people that do not know how to think independently or behave. Instead, they think and behave in the manner in which they were conditioned and created. In doing this, the Conditioners ultimate goal is to control and eventually conquer nature itself. A move such as this falls completely outside of the Tao.

What Gaius and Titius recommend does not and will not work. If we listen to them and relegate our statements of value to our emotions, we will wind up with generations of people who cannot think for themselves. We will lose our ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong because we've been conditioned to believe that our values do not matter. Eventually, we will not have any values if we follow Gaius and Titius. This will also not work because if we look at the large picture, we are producing a nation of people who cannot think for themselves. This would put us at a definite disadvantage with other countries and with life in general. We will become a nation of subjective thinkers as opposed to objective thinkers. There will be no universal objective that we can rely on because everyone will be trained to think subjectively ("And Introduction to and Themes from C.S. Lewis's the Abolition of Man," 2003).

What the Conditioners want to use instead of the Tao definitely does not work. They want to build up a race of people to suit their liking. Once this is done, the Conditioners can totally reject the Tao and come up with their own version. The Tao will be rejected by them because it is based on natural law. With natural law, you cannot force things or people to be who you want them to be, how you want them to think and how you want them to behave. As stated earlier, believers of the Tao feel that each person has a built in ability to discern right from wrong. This is natural. What is not natural is to shape and mold a person so that they are remade into something they were not meant to be.

And, if the Tao is reinvented or rewritten according to the standards of the Conditioners, it will not be based on the values of the original Tao. The Conditioners will have come up with their own set of values, which will not be values at all. It will be based on their emotions and what pleases them. The Conditioners will have appointed themselves gods over mankind and this is so unlike nature and the Tao. Most of us know that God gives us all free will. He does not force us or mold us into what He feels we should be. That choice is left up to us as individuals. Once we start living in a world designed by the Conditioners, we will lose our ability to choose or think the way we were meant to think. If this happens, it will mean that nature has indeed been conquered and there is really no hope for mankind.


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