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This is when learning comprehension will decrease. As a result, these concepts should be used to create a foundation for everyone. (McLoughlin, 2005, pp. 125 -- 129)

This means that the ideas presented in a traditional format should be augmented with the PBL method. This will build upon the foundation that was established and it will help students to use these concepts on their own. It is at this point that the total amounts of learning comprehension will increase dramatically. Once this happens, is when the student will be able to recall these ideas at different times throughout the course of their lives.

Evidence of this can be seen with research conducted by Dobbs (2008). She determined that effectively integrating different traditional and PBL methods will help to improve learning comprehension. This is because these approaches are presenting these ideas to students in a various formats. (Dobbs, 2008, pp. 9 -- 18)

When this happens, the individual is exposed to these concepts repeatedly (which will improve their recollection of these principles). In various national assessment tests, these tools have allowed schools to see dramatic improvements in their results. This is illustrating how combining approaches will address the needs of schools and increase learning comprehension. As a result, this can be used as a model for helping schools to adjust with new challenges they are facing. (Dobbs, 2008, pp. 9 -- 18)

Solution Identification

To effectively integrate these concepts into an educational environment, there must be focus on utilizing technology. This is because the use of these tools will allow students to have even more formats for learning about a host of ideas. At the same time, working with different technology related applications will give them experience. This can be used to help them understand how to apply these concepts and tools on their own. In some cases, this will occur with the individual using this as a part of their work. (Spector, 2008, pp. 490 -- 501)

While in other situations, these applications will be an essential part of staying connected and interacting with the world. The more students are exposed to these ideas, the better prepared they will be for addressing the issues they are dealing with. This is the point that they are more self-reliant by having a foundation to support themselves. (Spector, 2008, pp. 490 -- 501)

A good example of this can be seen with ideas uncovered by Spector (2008). He found that when technology is used with both methods, the student will have higher amounts of learning comprehension. This is occurring with these tools serving as a bridge that is integrating different concepts together. When this takes place, there is a transformation inside the learning environment (as students will have repeated exposure to these ideas). This is illustrating how these tools can have an impact on the way educators are able to reach out to students. (Spector, 2008, pp. 490 -- 501)


Clearly, the most effective strategy for addressing the needs of educators is to integrate the traditional and PBL methods together. This will occur with the traditional approach used as a way to provide a basic foundation of introducing the concept to the student. Once this takes place, is when there will be an emphasis on PBL techniques. This is because these ideas have been shown to be an effective strategy for motivating everyone. As there is a discussion about, how they can be used in the future to build off of the concepts presented in the course. This is when students are more interested in the material.

To improve learning comprehension, these ideas must be augmented with various forms of technology. This is because the use of these tools has been shown to provide alternate forms of learning and bridging any kind of differences. Once this takes place, is when students will be able to receive repeated exposure to various concepts (in numerous formats). This is the point that everyone will be able to understand these ideas and their applications in the real world. If this kind of approach is taken, there will be a dramatic improvement in student performance.


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