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This section is followed by another, referring to the spiritual life. The author also provides advice in this area, in order to help seniors with certain aspects.

The article is quite easy to be understood by anyone, it is written from a personal perspective and experience, backed by the psychological professional formation of the author. The author divides the article into clear sections, each of them addressing a specific subject of high importance.

The article successfully manages to clarify certain aspects that usually raise questions from seniors or from other age categories. The advice provided by the author is very pertinent and it covers a wide range of issues.

3. Life without television

Television is an important part of most people's lives. Its benefits have become so obvious and so important that a series of studies and analyses have been performed in order to establish the power and the influence of television on its viewers.

The subject determined a series of periodicals and specialized websites to develop articles in the field. Such an article was presented on the Live Science website, was written by Clara Moskowitz and is entitled "Out There: People Who Live without TV."

The article mainly aims at describing the findings of several surveys and studies regarding people who do not watch television (Moskowitz, 2008). The author makes it very clear from the beginning of the article that for some people television has become as important as food, or shelter, or the Internet is.

As the article states, 1-2% of Americans do not watch television, and they are sometimes considered strange by the others, who watch it. As mentioned above, the article is very successful at presenting the findings of several studies and surveys.

Such a study focused on determining what types of people would choose to stop watching TV. About two thirds of the interviewed people were either very liberal or very conservative. As the author explains, this is probably because, even if their views on life in general are quite opposite, the disadvantages of television are consented upon by both groups, which determines them to act alike when it comes to watching TV.

The article continues with several sections, each of them trying to explain certain issues related to the subject. One of these sections focuses on explaining the reasons for which some people decide to stop watching TV. As mentioned above, all the findings, facts, and explanations presented in the article are provided by scientists and have been collected through developing several studies and surveys.

One of these scientists has discovered three distinct categories of reasons for which people do not watch TV. For example, some of these people consider that television is responsible for presenting excessive sex, violence, and consumerism, and would rather protect their families by not exposing them to such threats.

Other people who stop watching television consider the TV takes a lot of space and time in their lives, it intrudes too much and it significantly affects their relationship with other people, or with other activities they might be interested in. They consider that television interferes with conversations or with time spent with their families, and they choose to stop this annoying habit.

Other people simply consider that the television industry has too much power on viewers. Also, they do not agree with the values promoted on the small screen, and fear the great influence television has on their lives.

The article further presents the advantages that people that do not watch TV benefit from. For example, they are involved in numerous activities that keep them busy, helps them spend quality time with others, some activities are even lucrative, while others are performed just for fun, for the pleasure and interest of the person in case. One of the most important benefits of life without television is represented by increased communication with others.

The article continues with presenting a scientific point-of-view on whether people who do not watch TV are right about making this move. It seems that they have a point for fearing the negative side of the TV.

For example, it has been scientifically proven that increased exposure to television and to the violence presented on the screen lead to increased aggression in children. Some children react more violent as a result, affecting themselves and the people around them. This proves that the programs viewed by people on TV directly and significantly affects them.

Even more, surveys have revealed that parents who stopped letting their children watch TV have observed significant improvement in their children's behavior. As a consequence, children become easier to manage, are more attentive, and do not complain about being bored anymore.

In order to provide a balanced point-of-view, the article continues with a section that is intended to present the disadvantages of not watching television. But scientific surveys and studies did not find significant disadvantages reported by people who do not watch television. Their need for information was successfully covered by radio and newspapers. As for entertainment, they found numerous activities to please them.

Although the article tries to keep a balance between the pros and cons of not watching television, the points-of-view presented in the article clearly favor the positive aspects of the subject. Even so, the points-of-view presented in the article are based on scientific findings.

In my opinion, the article is very successful at explaining the reasons for which some people choose to stop watching television, the advantages that such a situation provides, and the alternatives that anyone can take into consideration if deciding to stop watching television, or for reducing the time spent in front of the TV. The article manages to answer to a series of questions, based on scientific findings.

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