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The previous studies that have been taken into account are the ones that have highlighted the concept of corporate social responsibility in its broad terms. How it can affect the behavior of the consumers in the society in an overall manner. In contrast, this study will focus on the effects that the corporate social responsibility has on the consumer behaviors specifically in the hospitality industry.

9. Outline of study design and methods

One of the main facts that need to be highlighted in this case is that the methodology will define the outcomes and the conclusions that are drawn from the study carried out. Thereby, it is realized that the choice of methodology is more objective so that better and more concise outcomes can be obtained.

For this purpose, interview and questionnaire will be chosen as the main methodology for this study. One other main technique that can be used for this study includes secondary research but in this case, there are more advantages seen in the case of interviews and questionnaires. Precise information can be gathered by the target consumers with the help of interviews. In the case of secondary research, previous literature would be considered and it would not prove as helpful as primary research.

Expected results

The main aim of this study is to find out the effects of corporate social responsibility on the consumer behavior in the hospitality industry. With the help of the questions asked by the customers and the interviews conducted, it is expected that an improved and a better relationship between the hospitality industry and the society as well as the environment. It is expected that the consumers will highlight an improvement in their consumer behaviors because there is a realization within the consumers that the businesses realize the responsibilities that they have towards the environment and the society. This is the sense of realization that increases positive attitudes in the consumers leading to an improvement in the consumer behavior. Thereby one of the main facts that are expected as the main outcome is an improvement in the consumer behavior with an improvement in corporate social responsibility.

The interviews and questionnaires would be designed in a way that can help in gaining an insight into the main thoughts of the consumers in the hospitality industry. Unbiased information can be gained with the help of these questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaires in the questionnaire will be closed ended so that the analysis can be conducted in a better manner.


As the focus of the study is on the effects that the corporate social responsibility has on the consumer behaviors within the hospitality industry, it is important that the approaches of these consumers be targeted. In these cases, it is important that the methodology chosen should focus on the ideas that the consumers of the hospitality industry have in regards to the relationship between the hospitality industry and the society.

Data needs

The main data that will be needed to study the effects that the corporate social responsibility has on the consumer behavior in the hospitality industry is the idea of these consumers in relation to the relationship that the business has with the community, the responsibilities that the managers have towards the environment and the society. Thereby, it is important that direct interaction with the consumers be ensured.

Analytic techniques

One of the main analytical techniques that will be used for the study includes graphs. The questions that are included in the questionnaire are the ones that can be analyzed with the help of pie charts and graphs.

Plan for interpreting results

Interpretations become easier in the presence of graphs and pie charts. Thereby it is seen that the results that will be shown by the graphs and pie charts will be interpreted. How the customers feel regarding the relationship between the businesses being run in the hospitality industry and the society is one of the main aims of the secondary research in this case.

10. Research Ethics

You do not need to complete this section


Does the proposed study entail ethical considerations Yes / No (please circle as appropriate)

If 'No' provide a statement below to support this position.

If 'Yes' move on to Question 11.

11. Ethical Considerations:

You do not need to complete this section

Please indicate how you intend to address each of the following in your study. Points and relate particularly to projects involving human participants.

Guidance to completing this section of the form is provided at the end of the document.

a. Consent

b. Deception

c. Debriefing

d. Withdrawal from the investigation

e. Confidentiality

f. Protection of participants

g. Observation research [complete if applicable]

h. Giving advice

i. Research undertaken in public places [complete if applicable]

j. Data protection

k. Animal Rights [complete if applicable]

l. Environmental protection [complete if applicable]

12. Sample: Please provide a detailed description of the study sample, covering selection, number, age, and if appropriate, inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Technique chosen:

Snowball sampling technique has been used in the proposal. One of the main reasons based on which the technique has been used for the purpose of sampling is that referrals can be obtained from one customer to the other. With the help of these referrals, the customers can be approached in a much easier manner. The interviews and questionnaires that are to be carried out in the study are based on snowball sampling. Snowball sampling has been known to be one of the most important methods in research. There are various kinds of extended associations that can be used for the purpose of interviews and questionnaires. The recommendations that are used in the case of snowball sampling is the one that can help in gaining an access to the consumers of the same interests and demands in the hospitality industry. With the help of mutual associations, there is an increase in the referrals; there is a chance that the customers can be approached. There are a number of reasons, based on which snowball sampling has been chosen as one of the main kinds of referral samples.

13. Are payments or rewards/incentives going to be made to the participants? If so, please give details below.

You do not need to complete this section

14. What study materials will you use? (Please give full details here of validated scales, bespoke questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group schedules etc. And staple all materials to the back of the proposal)

You do not need to complete this section

15. What resources will you require? (e.g. psychometric scales, equipment, such as video camera, specialised software, access to specialist facilities, such as microbiological containment laboratories).

You do not need to complete this section

16. Have / Do you intend to request ethical approval from any other body/organisation ? Yes / No (please circle as appropriate)

If 'Yes' -- please give details below.

You do not need to complete this section

17. The information supplied is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, accurate. I clearly understand my obligations and the rights of the participants. I agree to act at all times in accordance with University of Derby Code of Practice on Research Ethics http://www.derby.ac.uk/research/ethics/policy-document

You do not need to complete this section

Date of submission

PLEASE SUBMIT ALONG WITH THIS APPLICATION the FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION WHERE APPROPRIATE (please tick to indicate the material that has been included or provide information as to why it is not available):

You do not need to complete this section

Questionnaires/Interview schedules

Covering letters/Information sheets

Briefing and debriefing material

Consent forms for participants

Advice on completing the ethical considerations aspects of a programme of research


Informed consent must be obtained for all participants before they take part in your project. The form should clearly state what they will be doing, drawing attention to anything they could conceivably object to subsequently. It should be in language that the person signing it will understand. It should also state that they can withdraw from the study at any time and the measures you are taking to ensure the confidentiality of data. If children are recruited from schools you will require the permission, depending on the school, of the head teacher, and of parents. Children over 14 years should also sign an individual consent form themselves. If conducting research on children you will normally also require Criminal Records Bureau clearance. You will need to check with the school if they require you to obtain one of these. It is usually necessary if working alone with children, however, some schools may request you have CRB clearance for any type of research you want to conduct within the school. Research to be carried out in any institution (prison,…[continue]

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