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Web Sources

Websites are an effective medium of promotion and providing necessary information. It can be used for the purpose of disseminating knowledge and can also achieve a purpose of publicity. The given below, extract is a review of three websites visited for the purpose of evaluating the traits that should be present in the credible website which provides accurate and complete information, serves its purpose and is user friendly. This evaluation helped us establish a criteria regarding how absence of various elements can affect the effectiveness of the website.

The website is known as www.allaboutexplorers.com. The website is produced on webpress by WOO Themes. Gerald Aungust is the webmaster and lead designer for allaboutexplorers.com. Furthermore, he has been involved in education at junior levels for seventeen years. The second author is Lauren Zucker. She is the research and content specialist for this website. She has been involved in teaching for couple of years. They both have been involved in education for years. Especially Lauren appears to be very sound as she has won couple of teaching awards in her district. Since she is the content develop; therefore the website appears to be functional. However, this is the information mentioned on the website but no links are given to verify it.

The website is sponsored by worldatlas, Hamera Technologies and Silk Icon Set 1.3 by Mark James. Other than Worldatlas, other sources have no credibility as they are mere software houses. Yes, there are links to these websites are available too. The information given is current as the copyright licensing is till 2012. The WebPages on this website are not dated and there are no documents uploaded here. There are no WebPages which show upgradation as of now. As far as the links are concerned, they are fully functional.

The website is intended to teach the children that not all the information available on the internet is authentic and they have to do reading in order to have correct and comprehensive information. Considering the information given on the website, the information is inaccurate which makes it suitable for its purpose i.e. proving the point about the authenticity of websites. The navigation on this website is convenient. We don't see many websites which are designed for this purpose. The way it is designed, it is seems suitable for its purpose.

Since the website is intended to prove the faultiness of the information available on the internet; therefore, the treatment of the objective is well-treated. It is well-attempted to target the audience which comprises of junior students belonging to primary level. The website presents a simple contact with no bias and there are no documents which can support the persuasiveness of any type. Furthermore, the website only contain its contact details related to Facebook and Twitter and present no other advertisement which further reduces the chances for any bias.

The information presented is good enough for the targeted audience. Since, the information present is not true and that is the basic purpose of this practice; therefore information truthfulness, credibility and accuracy is not a concern.

The second website is about the case analysis of a historic killer tornado event in Kansas on 10 June 1938. The page is produced by The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies. The webpage contains a descriptive document about Tornado event in Kansas. The authors are Charles A. Doswell III and Harold E. Brooks. The authors are experts in their respective field. No specifications are given about Charles Doswell; however, there is a link given about Harold E. Brooks, which contains the details of his publications and also gives information about his ongoing projects and researches. Furthermore, there education portfolio shows that they are relevantly educated.

The site is sponsored by The Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies. There is no link given to verify information about the sponsor; however an extraction from the web address can lead to the main website. The sponsor is reputable in Meteorological Studies and weather sciences. Since, the sponsor and the authors of this document are verified and distinguished; therefore no other medium of verification is required.

The document can said to be current in terms of dates. The publishing date and other details of this document are mentioned on the webpage and there have no other versions published so there are no other publishing details regarding this document. The document was a one-time draft which didn't required any upgrading as it was about a singular event that occurred in Kansas and wasn't part of any series of working papers related to such events. Therefore, there are no other updates mentioned. All the weblinks given are actively maintained and perform the desired navigation.

The document covers the desired topic; however it is not drafted well and the related WebPages are poorly managed; however the discussion part is rather thorough. The document covers the series of Tornado that appeared in and near Kansas. The meteorological impacts of these tornados are part of the discussion and furthermore, why the causalities from that day remained unrecorded is the part of the discussion. Some details about Tornado debris also shared. One thing to be mentioned here, is the poor structuring of the document. Since the document is based on a short film, perhaps a little storytelling would have been helpful. The webpage is designed on the format of a simple word document so it is easy to read, however it is different than other WebPages, the navigation on the webpage is not that effective whereas other links are given and are fully functional.

The treatment of the topic can said to be average. The document is coupled with other photographs and supporting details but due to its drafting style; it fails to leave an impact. The topic doesn't have verifiable evidences, therefore there is an inherent bias existing in the document. The document seems to be factual rather than persuasive. The webpage doesn't contain any advertisement other than the institute's details. There are no other evidences available to verify the information in the document; therefore accuracy is doubtful here.

The third webpage has been produced by Apple Macintosh with the name http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/index.html. The concerned webpage provides the details of the authors' work regarding the fictitious character called boilerplate. The main purpose of the webpage is to do promotion of this particular novel that is authored and printed by them. The author of the novel are Paul Guinan and Anina Bennet. The webpage does provide book reviews regarding boilerplate in reputable and authentic websites. And when we navigate to the homepage of this website, the details about the authors and their endeavors are duly mentioned along with other necessary details. Apparently, both the authors are rather expert in the story telling of fictitious characters and have a series of various books to support that claim. A huge profile of the authors proves that they are relevantly expert in what they do. There are links given to verify author's portfolio.

This particular webpage does not contain any other advertisements rather links to various websites which will help in online purchase. The webpage is not sponsored by any other medium but is duly supported by the authors themselves. However, many links of promotional material and other WebPages are given in the required webpage. The webpage further contains links to the other novels written by these two writers.

The details given here, are current for its purpose i.e. promotion of this novel and it contains the current information up till May 2012. Whereas other relevant WebPages are also duly dated. It appears that the webpage does go through sufficient updating since links of various sources from different years have been added in the webpage when we go through the book reviews. Furthermore, there are many links given…[continue]

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