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Career Goal Essay

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Career Goals

Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short-term and long-term career goals. What challenges will you face and how will you leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve these goals?

My very first short-term goal is to secure an admission into graduate school for a master in finance program, where I intend to enhance my current knowledge and build professional networks that will steer me to a supervisory position in the Structured Finance Group of an established financial institution such as Latham & Watkins or Sandler & O'Neill. I look forth to supervising a group of between 5 and 8 by the end of my degree program. This will not only give me an opportunity to market my skills within the company and beyond, but will also be a door-opener for the realization of my middle-term goal, which is to be the leader of the structured finance group for the company I work for, supervising at least fifty employees. In the long-term, I look forth to occupying the senior most position of leadership in the company, where I will be able to position it as one of the leading advisors in the private label asset-based securitization market internationally, and make it a model organization for beginner companies. I aspire to use my position to build an organizational culture that appreciates the role of the community in the financial market, and looks out to make it a better place by transforming previously-underdeveloped zones into flourishing industrial centers. I look forth to following the trend of renowned executives who succeeded by doing something different for the communities within which they operate.

Once I have made the company what I would want it to be, I want to move to the public sector and occupy an influential managerial position in the Treasury, where I intend to use my skill to serve people on a larger scale, away from the profit motive - where I will just serve and give back to the American community for making me the person that I…… [Read More]

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Career Goal I Have Always Essay

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Once I have finished college, I will look for a junior position at an accounting firm. With my accounting job experience and good achievements, I am confident that I have good prospects. Once I have been hired, I will prove myself by delivering an excellent service. My hope is that the firm that hires me will offer advancement opportunities, towards which I will then work.

Once I have about one or two years of experience, it is my aim to start learning what I can about getting my CPA license and starting a business. Once I have my license, I will start a small business while I am still employed. This will ensure that I still have the security of my job income while I work on building my business.

Another challenge I will face in this quest is balancing my career and business choices with family life. While my parents are still healthy enough, it is possible that one or both of them could become ill during their old age, which could impact the way I run my business and my availability to do so. Also, I plan to have a family of my own during the next few years. This will be challenging in itself, as I will spend a large amount of time in the attempt to obtain my license and set up my business. My current boyfriend has similar goals to mine, although his goal is to set up a computer business. A challenge here will be to arrange our goals in such a way that it does not impact negatively on our relationship or our desire to have children some day. My aim is, however, to balance my career goals with my desire to have a family life. These are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

In conclusion, I believe that any person can achieve anything he or she wants to in life. My primary goal is to get my…… [Read More]

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Career Development the Goal of This Project Essay

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Career Development

The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive career development program for lower and middle class high school students. These students are more at risk than others because of their already suspect socioeconomic status. In general, this group does not have the same advantages as upper class individuals who can many times rely on better educational opportunities and networking possibilities as a whole. The program also seeks to assist this contingent of the population because this an area which has not been focused on for lower and middle class students. Therefore it is imperative to present career training to assist these individuals when they are making choices that may have significant impact on their futures.

Theoretical Model Used

This particular model will be based on Holland's Theory for career development. The gist of the theory is that people are happier if they work in an environment that mirrors their personality type. The goal of the theory is to get people to understand their personality type first and to see what jobs correspond to that type. When the person understands what type of jobs are available to them they will be better able to identify an occupation that will suit (Career Key, 2012).

To determine personality type, Holland uses a questionnaire which asks the person taking the assessment simple questions that are then related to personality type. For example, the question may ask the test taker what activity they prefer given a list of activities. The choice they make falls into one of six categories -- realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising or conventional -- which starts to build a personality profile for them. Taking the entire assessment will present a picture of the type of person the individual is because of the types of answers they give to the various questions. These questions not only relate to personality type for the person but also for…… [Read More]

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Career Development Career Counseling Is Essay

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Sixth, I look at Alex's vocational personality. I do this by looking at her stories through with Holland's RIASEC hexagon. Using this tool I see that she most resembles the Enterprising type (Holland's Theory of Career Choice and You, 2009). She likes to be a leader, act with enthusiasm and enjoys being the center of attention.

In Alex's case it appears that her choice of becoming an attorney and possibly getting into the political arena at some point would be a good fit for her. She posses the required characteristics that are necessary for a person to be a good attorney. She is outgoing and enjoys being in the spotlight. She is not afraid of social situations and sees herself as a strong person. These are all qualities that a person must have to practice law.… [Read More]

Savickas, Mark L. (2005). The Theory and Practice of Career Construction. In Steven Douglas

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Career Plan I Am Committed Essay

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I think that there any many opportunities. There is a lack of quality managerial-level staff across the hospitality industry. This will create job openings that I can exploit. In addition, I believe that there is room for innovative thinkers in this role, since most hotel managers seem to have low creativity. There are threats, however. At present, there is overcapacity in the industry, which could result in consolidation and cuts, reducing my future career development prospects. In addition, there are a number of other people who likely see the same career niche that I do. They will compete with me for employment through my career.

The industry is generally strong. Despite overcapacity issues, people travel more for both business and pleasure. This spurs a strong hotel industry. The economy is not strong and this has had a negative impact on the industry, but the economy is recovering and it is believed that the hotel industry will follow accordingly. The industry today is characterized by intense competition and overcapacity. This makes for a challenging industry environment. Government regulations have little impact. Demographics indicate a flatlining of the hotel industry domestically, whereas the increasing wealth of a number of populous countries (China, India, Brazil) hints that the global travel business will pick up tremendously over the next decade or two. The industry is not, in general, very sustainable but the major chains are beginning to undertake sustainability initiatives including reduced washing of towels.

I seek an organization that has a hard-working culture into which I fit naturally. Many of the major hotel chains have the same degree of professionalism and organization that I seek. I also want to work in a company that is growing rapidly. Not only will this provide me with a dynamic career path but it will be a career that accelerates quickly. I want a team of quality employees who know what it takes to make the customer happy and are prepared to follow my instructions to bring that dream to fruition.

For me, I like to benchmark against high achievers of any type. I view entrepreneurs like Martha Stewart as role models for the hard work (never sleeping!) and dedication to creating something that other people want to be part of. If I…… [Read More]

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Career Report Individual Report The Essay

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The "Dutch Test for Conflict-Handling," indentified my personality to have medium 'yielding' conflict style. This is consistent with my articulated belief that agreeability when handling conflicts is required, but not to the point that ethics are ignored. My test results on the "Big Five Personality" test thus support the notion that when handling ethical conflicts solving problems on a personal level and achieving a mutually beneficial solution is ideal. The need to do this in the financial industry today is evident in how many banks must renegotiate mortgages -- no one wants a foreclosure, as this benefits neither the home owner or the bank. Rather, resetting an interest rate so the home owner can stay in the homes but still make payments is the best solution, and this requires a compromise on both sides, ideally without a settlement in court.

A think, given what I have learned about the financial industry during this project that I need to work on my communication skills. Although I am proud of my ability to effectively interface with clients in my current job, I have become further cognizant of the verbal delicacy involved in interpersonal problem-solving and negotiating ethical quandaries. Also, the future of the industry will require a high level of transparency on the part of the investment banker and client and a great deal of clear communication and effective personal interactions. I would also like greater knowledge of my own managerial style, as others see it consistent with the idea that "the bigger the open area of the Johari Window is, the better" -- in other words, the better understand how you are perceived by the world, as well as how you see yourself, the more effective a communicator you can become. One deficit of individuals with an extroverted personality style is that of self-knowledge, but I think that performance reviews in the place where I work, and a consistently open attitude towards criticism will help bring to…… [Read More]

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Career Vision What Is Your Essay

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It is my desire to be one of these leaders, and the case method of instruction at Harvard Business School is instrumental in bringing my leadership capabilities to this level of potential.

Both ESSEC, the graduate business school I attended most recently, and Dauphine University, at which I obtained my real estate Master's degree, are located in France; my employment, despite being for large international firms, has also kept me in my native country. Though I am fully aware of the benefits of a European perspective and position and have a definite appreciation for my cultural heritage and the diversity that France is home to, I am also aware of the limitations that such a singular perspective brings to business leadership potentials and capabilities in our time. Through my many travel experiences, including several to the United States and a month-long journey through some the most undeveloped parts of Mali, I have already begun to broaden my experiential perspective. Admittance to the Harvard Business School would allow for the continuation of this experiential diversity and facilitate the addition of a broader educational diversity.

I will eventually attain my goal of a true industry leadership position in the world of commercial real estate. Attendance at the Harvard Business School will allow me to do so in the best manner possible.… [Read More]