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Abnormal Psychology

Many women are afraid of getting older and are willing to do right about anything to appear always young. infarct many people perceive it is rude to ask a woman her age since the society has no room to accommodate old women and the changes that their bodies go through. It is not possible for women in the society not to struggle with issues of their appearance .this has resulted to many women trying to change how they look as they age so that they can be accepted in the society. They go to an extent of denying themselves food and applying anti-wrinkle cream so that they maintain their states of their bodies and faces.

Aging is always a taboo subject with women as compared to their male counterparts. Women are afraid of the aging factor due to the perceptions in the society. The society tends to create stereotypes that are not kind to women; these stereotypes favor men as compared to women. The image of aging bodies carries more social stigma for women as compared to men is acceptable in society for men to have pot bellies and wrinkles as they age but this are things that are not welcome on women. This is because the society views women with wrinkles and other features that come with aging in women as unattractive while at the same time men are seen as handsome as they age.

There are many things that come be done to change this misconceptions .first the insight should come from within women should try to accept the way they are especially their body changes when they get older. Once women start to accept aging within them then this will slowly leak to the society. Men will follow them and start proclaiming how attractive the women are as they age. The society should generally help women accept their aging bodies by removing the misconceptions they place on women and how they age (United Nations, 1999).

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Drug abusers may be confronted by different kinds of issues. These issues may arise from the different genders and ethnic groups. When it comes to gender it is seen that it is an important factor that influences both substance addiction and treatment. The way people are vulnerable to drugs also differs from each gender. Men and women behave differently in response to drugs; they also have different ways through which their biological systems respond to these drugs. Women drug users have conduct and behavioral problems as compared to men who abuse the same drugs. Men who abuse drugs develop depression and often become aggressive after taking the drugs.

Drug abuse has been traditionally linked and socially acceptable to men than women, therefore men are more likely to in treatment and recovery steps than women since there is a perception that women are not supposed to take drugs. Apart from the social issue women also face some barriers like child care and their responsibilities in the family. Stigmatization is a key issue that women face when they are trying to get help for their drug abuse problems. Women fear to take steps in seeking help with their drug problems as they may face losing custody of their children. Men on the other hand resist seeking treatment as it is seen as a blow to their ego and image (REHAB ASIA, 2011).

When it comes to ethnicity drug abusers are confronted by issues such as stereotyping. Drug abusers are often stereotyped into being from a particular ethnic group his are merely claims and not facts. This issue of stereotyping poses a challenge in making attempts to recover from the use of drugs because the drug abusers feel that even if they stop taking drugs people will still view them as drug abusers. This has led to lack of interest in trying to recover from taking drugs.

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When a clinician has been attacked by patients they might develop lingering anxiety. The anxiety develops as an internal response to their attack by patients which poses as the external stressful event that causes the response. In severe cases the anxiety may act as a limit to the ability of the clinicians to perform…

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