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In this situation, the images work on their own in presenting an effective argument. Just as a lawyer must often rely on visual evidence in court to persuade the jury, so too does a pro-life advocate need to use visual aides to get his or her point across to the general public.

The audience for the Abortion Pages will vary. Some pro-life advocates will visit the website to reinforce their beliefs and remind themselves why they are dedicated to the cause. People in the religious community might point others to the website in order to inform them about the implications of abortion. The values and beliefs of those in the religious community will be generally in line with the views of the creator of the website. The website will bolster the opinions of religiously-minded visitors and will consequently show them that their beliefs have considerable support.

Furthermore, showing the Abortion Pages to a friend or colleague will be more effective than giving them a pamphlet. Finally, the general public is the ultimate audience of the Abortion Pages. People from around the world will encounter the website, which makes the anti-abortion message especially far-reaching. The fact that the Abortion Pages rely on visual imagery for the argument enables the creators to transcend language barriers. If the pages were only text-based, it would be impossible to reach out to so many individuals around the world. Abortion is a universal and timeless issue, as it has been a problem throughout human history. Therefore it is only appropriate that photos be used to convey the fundamental pro-life argument.

The Abortion Pages also include more subtle, semiotic imagery. For example, the pillars of fire on either side of the web pages remind viewers of hell; the flames stand out well against the black background. The flames therefore convey a religious undertone to the Abortion Pages without being overtly Christian. A few of the abortion photos do, however, include pictures of crosses. Because religion underlies the foundation of the moral debate on abortion, the inclusion of subtle signs and images add to the overall impact of the Abortion Pages. Because of its skillful use of visual imagery as argument, the website might actually change lives and save unborn children. As rhetoric, these visual images accomplish far more than mere words could.

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