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The case studies compiled and edited by Caro-Brice (2007) provide a somewhat broader perspective than the singular case study conducted by Coles-Ritchie and Lugo (2010). These studies are all geared towards promoting equality in instructional methods and learning rates in diverse classroom settings, however, making them directly useful in this review and plan development.

Some of the central common findings of the studies compiled by Caro-Brice (2007) and the lessons that can be drawn from these findings include the importance of attitude and interpersonal approach throughout the action research/instructional supervision process, especially in its initial stages, and the importance of demonstration and reevaluation during and following the implementation phase of the action research plan. The truly collaborative nature of action research in these contexts is also emphasized, and the reasons for this importance -- namely increased efficacy and confidence -- are clearly outlined.

Mitchell et al. (2009) examined the use of action research in the development and assistance of new teachers, which yields insights into other potential uses and effects of action research as well. Examining some of the typical identified problems that new teachers face and the abundant literature addressing most of these common problems, Mitchell et al. (2009) demonstrate effective means of action research interaction that is more case-specific and less general than typical seminars. This enables newer and less experienced teachers to more effectively identify and confront issues early on (Mitchell et al. 2009).

This study is especially useful for the details provided regarding the interaction of the instructional supervisor and the instructor during the action research process. The communication of information in this relationship is…
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