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Appeal Letter for Admission to UC Department of Economics

Following the successful completion of my last semester of my schooling in spring, I am writing to apply for a vacancy in UC to further my studies in Economics. Initially, I had applied for a vacancy in UC department of economic although I did not qualify. My academic performance during the time for application was lower than the required qualification in the institution. However, after the academic removal and the completion of the TAG program, there was a significant change in my performance from 3.08 to 3.39. Additionally, the results from my final semester during spring were impressive because I manage to score GPA of 4.0. For this reason, am writing to request a review of my current academic status because I feel I have satisfactorily met the qualification. I am 22 years old and a citizen of Switzerland yet I feel satisfied to do all my studies in California.

My desire to know more about the economics begun after I completed the GE with some economics from CC. The compulsion within me and the experience in economics are the two forces pushing me towards furthering my studies in economics. I have been to UC, and I found the nature of the environment to be supportive of my studies. It is clear from a distance and within the institution that the environment of UC is peaceful and thus can support research and in-depth concentration. After reading about the existing unity and habit of handwork in the department of UC, I felt the compulsion to give my contribution as well. Despite my exposure to the many institutions around the globe, California remains one of my best choices to further my studies.

Initially, I had applied for the vacancy but I was denied because I could not meet all the requirements during the time of application. During my first application, I had not finished all the transferable units, the math requirements were pending completion, and my GPA was relatively below the entry requirements. I am glad to inform you that I have fulfilled all the requirements that were missing previously. I am confident to request a review of my status to confirm my legibility. In January 2016, I had not finished the Italian and the macroeconomics subjects that were the reasons for the denial of the opportunity. Since the time, I took all the majors in economics and those from the general classes. It was during such a time last year that I realized that I have a great passion for economics.

As my second application for consideration in UC, I am glad to inform you that I have…

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