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Affirmative action plans are not the same as diversity plans. These differ in several ways, with the most notable being that affirmative action is a law, and diversity plans are simply created by companies wanting to incorporate various levels and types of diversity into their organizations (Anderson, 2004). In other words, employers must follow affirmative action requirements, but they do not have any requirement to have a diversity plan. This is an important distinction, because many employers mistakenly believe that they can create their own diversity plan, and that will meet the affirmative action requirements if they are ever questioned about the issue (Riccucci, 2002). This is not the case, though, and can land employers in some serious trouble if they mistakenly believe that they are doing enough to bring diversity into their workplace. By ignoring the actual law in favor of their own diversity plan, they are putting their company at risk.

Employers who are serious about

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