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Against Legal Abortion

The legality of abortion has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. Pro-life participants and pro-choice participants go head in head debating on what the right thing to do would be. Although giving women the right to choose to do with their bodies whatever it is that they would like to do with them, the health risks and the societal effects and impact that legalizing abortion would do, will outweigh any freedom of choice argument.

Women who get even one abortion in their lifetime have an increased chance of getting physical ailments and illnesses than women who have not gotten an abortion. They are 30% more likely to get an ectopic pregnancy in the future if they have gotten one abortion and four times more likely
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if they have gotten two or more, which by itself increases the mortality rate of a woman by 12% with an ectopic pregnancy (Masse 2011). Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is also increased by 5% in a woman who has undergone a surgical abortion and they have a 600% more chance of having an abrupted placenta in future pregnancies after having undergone an abortion (Masse 2011). To legalize abortion would be to ignore all of these risks involved in getting an abortion. It is a procedure that can lead to potentially deadly results. Although the effect that an abortion has on a woman's physical health is extreme, the biggest affect that abortion has is on their psychological health. It is estimated that at least 50% of women who have gotten an abortion suffer from psychological health problems lasting months, even years. Some of these emotional…

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