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¶ … American president as a king would have been one of the greatest insults in the early 19th century, merely decades after the United States won its independence from the British crown. Andrew Jackson's policies and leadership style both reminded the American public of monarchic rule. Here, Jackson is depicted as a loathsome king who tramples on the American constitution and wants to veto any legislation Congress tries to pass. The veto power refers to Jackson's vetoing of several congressional bills including those related to the creation of federal banking systems. At the top of the cartoon, the words "Born to Command" underscore the comparison with Jackson and a dictatorial ruler. Interestingly, Jackson touted himself as being the "man of the people," not "King Andrew." One reason why Jackson did engage his veto power as often as he did was that he viewed his role as being to protect the people, whereas Congress's legislation seemed to favor mainly the wealthy establishment. On the other hand, Jackson did pass sweeping legislation that would devastate the Native American population: the Indian Removal Act. Jackson also successfully acquired Florida. Therefore, Jackson was certainly no man of the people and is much more akin to a monarch. 3. The users of a health record include members of the healthcare team such as


Insurers are also primary stakeholders and end-users with their own needs and roles. Healthcare management systems are designed to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety as well as patient outcomes. They are especially useful in situations in which patients utilize the services of multiple facilities and different specialists, or when patients are geographically independent or mobile. The healthcare management system also enabled the concordance of information across different user groups, preventing redundancies in care or delivery of medications. Different users and stakeholders use the system differently. The role of the healthcare team in using management information systems is to maintain high standards of care and reduce errors. Health information managers ensure the accuracy of data management and effective inventory control. Insurers use the information records to maintain their databases and refuse coverage when possible. Administrators are also stakeholders in the health information records, as they will need to maintain accurate records of transactions and be alerted to inventory needs. Health information records to pose some threat to user security, but…

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