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Many colonists had come to the new world in search of a lifestyle infused with greater freedom. The colonists' ideas about government differed greatly from their English counterparts. While the English still focused on the power of the monarchy, the colonists had been holding popular assemblies since 1763 ("The American Revolution: First Phase"). They began to believe in rights that they saw the English and their stationed guards as there to violate. In addition, they believed that they, not a country across the ocean, should have the right to control or at least have a say in the political decisions that would affect their lives.

In addition to these highly popularized economic and ideological causes of the revolution, social causes also added fuel to the fire of revolution. As the 1700s wore on, More and more Americans came from European countries other than England. As these people began to immigrate to the new world, the melting pot culture that America boasts of today began its birth. The conglomeration of


Finally, the culture of fear propagated by the French before their defeat in the Seven Years War was obsolete, allowing these tensions that had been seething for some time to come forward.

Thus, the American Revolution is a war that had its seeds in American colonization. Wanting to separate themselves from England economically, ideologically, and socially, the colonists did just that, to the point where the distance was too much to bear. Though it has traditionally been blamed on taxation without representation, all three factors contributed to and motivated the American Revolution.

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