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We aim to make every individual aware of the time spent on their device. This is not just a problem with children but it is with the entire generation and generations to come. Nowadays we are addicted. We are addicted to eating up time, simply by scrolling through endless apps and social media pages on our phone. We are so fortunate to have all of these innovations in our new generations. We need to appreciate life and manage our lives better. We want to promote a playful approach to our use of media through this campaign.

Key words:

· Branding

· Design

· Social Media

· Campaign

· Market Engagement

· Media

· Social Impact


Be Social Without Media is a campaign we created to challenge a completely new spectrum of the limitation of phone usage. We must not forget that these devices did not exist before and that we, as human beings, are able to live without them. Our target market is anyone who answers yes to any of these questions:

· Do you think you overuse your phone? Is it something you think about?

· Do you ever leave your house without your phone?

· Would a constant reminder help you manage your time and realize your priorities better?


After sending out questionnaires, many agreed that phone usage is an issue but don’t know how to address it. Not one person answered that they could live without their phone for a day and 80% of people rated that technology in 10 years will only get people more addicted to their Smartphones. We created 5 phrases of stickers and planted them around NYC as a constant reminder to limit your phone usage. These slogans were implemented around the city. For example, we stuck them on the…

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