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¶ … failure of an IT firm owing to organizational faults and proposes solutions to get over such glitches. The influence of top management and strategies towards achieving project goals often defines the progress of any undertaking. All-inclusive leadership attitudes rather than formal managerial capabilities are deemed to prove more productive. VICTIMS RIGHTS MOVEMENT

The most common IT failure incidents in modern day are the ones that involve public money and other resources (Al Neimat, 2005). The virtual case file provides one of the most recent examples of such a firm for the FBI. According to the investigative agency; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Virtual Case File did not meet the minimal requirements for the agency.

Further, SUS WRTH 170 and five years' development had gone waste. Science Application International is credited for Virtual Case File. The objective was to enhance the management of case files via integration of data from an older system with the Automated Case Support system and replacing them. The National Research Council did not find any evidence of an official contingency and backup. The plan for transition overlooked the existence of the Case Support system that had been instituted earlier. According to Science Application International, Corporation Support claimed that they had successfully delivered the initial case of the project way before the projected period; and well within the estimated budget.

The Inconsistencies/Difficulties

The software...


The inspector General's office noted that FBI was still the authorized agent for the requirements for two years since the start of the project. Science Application International Corporation mentioned that their communication with FBI was not easy; high numbers of the IT managers were leaving the organization. The National Research Council also found that the requirements for the FBI case mission were not incorporated in the Virtual Case File design at the outset. Case File provides a highly valuable overview of the hardships faced. These challenges are linked more to the people than the technology being used; even if technology raises issues of complexity. Top Management Support for successful IT projects

Here are the ten essential support processes of management in the software field (Zwikael, 2008).

1. Proper project management

2. Involving the project manager at the onset

3. Project success management measurement strategies

4. Renewing procedures for projects

5. Sufficient contact and sharing of information between…

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