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Teaching/Technology Are teacher preparation programs preparing our future teachers to operate in a technology rich classroom environment?

phenomenological. Researcher will be viewing subjects' responses to the phenomenon of a technology rich classroom environment in order to assess: are they prepared, are they not prepared? Three subjects from three different teacher preparation programs will be observed.

The study is outlined as follows:

Today's classrooms are utilizing more heavily than ever a technology rich environment, yet it is unclear whether teacher preparation programs are preparing future teachers to operate in such environments.

Are teacher preparation programs preparing our future teachers to operate in a technology rich classroom environment? What can the reaction of new teachers in such environments tell us about the preparation training currently being given?

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this study is to observe new teachers in technology rich classroom environments to see what their reactions are (whether they appear to be prepared to utilize the offerings of such environment or not).

Significance of Study: This study will shed light on the efficiency of teaching preparation programs regarding new teachers' preparedness for technology rich classroom environments. The outcome of this study may be useful in informing future prep class organizers on the current state of teacher preparedness, allowing them to adjust their program orientation if needed.

Definition of Terms: Terms are defined for the purpose of this study.

Limitations of Study: The limitations of a phenomenological approach are that it can only provide qualitative analysis, not quantitative. Some researchers believe that empirical science requires empirical data (results). While this researcher believes that qualitative assessments are (at the very least) as equally useful to research as quantitative assessments, it is understood that such a view is not unanimous.

This study is also limited in terms of scope and sample size. The nature of a phenomenological study is such that it allows a maximum scrutiny of a minimum base. Conclusions may be drawn about that base, but whether they can be applied to a "whole" is subject to debate.

Assumptions: While it is not assumed that the five subjects are representative of the products of teaching prep programs as a whole, across the nation, it is assumed that a general idea of the state of teaching prep programs can be assessed from the phenomenological study of these three subjects.

Chapter 2 -- Literature Review

Literature Review Collection Procedure: Keyword searches gathered from selected reading are used to generate search results to develop both a broader and more in-depth understanding of the relevant literature related to this area. Brush, Saye's (2009) study titled "Strategies for Preparing Preservice Social Studies Teachers to Integrate Technology Effectively" in Contemporary Issues in Technology and Social Studies Teacher Education 9(1) is...


Next the literature is related to this study's research questions. The section is concluded with a discussion of current selection processes, recommended selection processes and a summary. Chapter 3 -- Methodology

This study uses a phenomenological approach to discover the current "state" of new teacher preparedness for technology rich classroom environments. The researcher selects three new teachers to observe. These teachers are randomly but "selectively" chosen from a pool of personal contacts that the researcher has among various programs and schools across the country. The purpose of the observation is to identify levels of resistance and/or acceptance of new technology and to intuit whether these reactions are due to a dearth of training, sufficient training, personal inclination, or other. The observations are accompanied by in-depth interviews with the three subjects, during which the researcher characterizes the personality of the subject, background, degree of teacher training, etc., and uses it to create a composite picture of the subject. Based on these composites, the researcher develops a conclusion regarding the research questions.

The interviews are conducted over the space of one month following the new teachers' initiation into the classroom setting.

Data Collection Method: Observation and Interviews with Participants

Questionnaire: What was your reaction to the classroom environment?

Were you prepared? Did you expect it?

Was this environment anticipated in your teaching prep program?

When you were hired for this position were you made aware of the classroom environment in which you would be teaching?

How much experience have you had with technology rich classrooms?

Would you describe yourself as a technologically-inclined person?

Do you think technology rich classrooms are helpful to the teaching method to which you ascribe?

Why This Approach: This section will explain why a phenomenological approach is best suited for this study. It is believed that by immersing himself in the environment and observing the subject, the researcher will be positioned to intuit a deeper understanding of the question, problem and solution.

This section will conclude with a description of the data source rights of the participants as well as any legal issues that may pertain to the study (none are anticipated).

Chapter 4 -- Results

Results are expected to illustrate a range of responses. It…

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