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Such is not always the case as in military, soldiers must always ready for any surprises (Gallery, 2001). The troops are not always in the offensive stance, and the enemies are certainly not used to divulge their offensives and positioning. In battle, one is not only concerned in saving himself. Primordially, he has to save his group, as it is his group that establishes the strong line of defense for the survival, not just of himself, but of the entire group. Each one has to cover another, and must harmonize and organize his own way of attack so as not to conflict with that of another so as to establish a good offense or defense. A comrade must be protected, from ones position, from any harmful ramifications as he form part and parcel of the group that tries to survive and pursues such self-preservation (Soldiers, 2005).


Troops devoid of inspiration, driven into battle in ignorance of its purpose, and with adequate care for their personal welfare can be only automatons at best. High morale, which greatly enhances the chances for success, can be attained by proper indoctrination in the cause for which forces are fighting, by developing in troops confidence in their leaders, and by providing, insofar as is practicable, for their personal welfare. High morale breeds good discipline and aggressiveness (Preston, 2005).

High morale can also be maintained among the ranks of the soldiers by themselves. Each one, and each purpose for fighting, becomes the living inspiration of each one to survive any battle. A comrade can certainly give another, especially in deep times of trouble, a deeper reason to continue and pursue with the plan. There is the assurance to be aggressive and determined as certainly, a warrior cannot be totally left out in the middle of battle as his comrades is certainly there to protect and help.

The success of every military operation is wholly dependent upon the confidence and aggressiveness of the warriors themselves. High morale is developed when the soldiers have greater confidence and trust with each other, which makes the entire military team an integral whole. The companionship and the sharing of individual lives among the warriors for quite a considerable period of time simply strengthen the bond of the military team, and increase the confidence and bravery instilled in every warrior (Bulwark, 2009).

The fundamental object of the armed forces is to make the maximum contribution to the attainment of the national aim. It is...


The ultimate objective of the military forces has been defined as:

the destruction of the enemy's armed forces and his will to fight. Certainly, the available number of troops can be best maximized of the strength of the camaraderie of the military team is strengthened and well-founded. Further, the unity with such high morale is truly a strong positive factor that determines the utmost strength and capability of the military troops (Thacker, 2003, p. 45).

War, is not at all a battle determined by the number of troops. It is more particularly a question of the strength and foundation of the organization. A war can be won with but a little number of troops being used for so long as the plan is clearly explained and understood by each member, and for so long as the organization is united and with utmost confidence. Economy of force is not at all undesirable.


During the period of the operations, the outcome is not always a happy ending. Death is always in the picture and memory of every combatant. Surely, a warrior cannot just forget the losses of some unfortunate comrades, as the memories and cooperation that they have shared together, and the sharing of life and experiences lives on the minds of the survivors. Camaraderie in combat is what enlivens the dead comrades in the minds of the living and their memories cannot just die down, but remains with them as the time passes (Thacker, 2003.


The U.S. Army is an institution that displayed not only discipline but also a sense of team work and camaraderie. A sense of teamwork and comradeship is manifested even at the start of training until they go into combat and even after combat. It is from the sense of brotherhood that each and everyone of them treasure each other and rely on each other's watch. This sense of brotherhood and how they work together and how they value each other is their key to success.


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