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Negotiations and Other Issues Identify the overlapping interests of the city manager and the Local 42 of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Identify their competing interests. Identify the interests of the community (or society). State the importance of understanding these sets of interests when learning about labor unions.

The overlapping interests of the city manager and the firefighters were to avoid any kind of conflict. In the past, these issues could lead to possible arbitration by the National Labor Relations Board. The fact that both wanted to avoid this, is signaling how they were willing to work together. At the same time, they wanted to create win -- win situations by controlling costs in way that is responsible. Yet, will not lead to drastic pay cuts or layoffs. The desire to avoid certain problems from previous periods; is what drove the two sides to become more flexible. The competing interest include: administrators wanting to decrease costs by cutting benefits and freezing any future wage increases. The union wanted to offer its members more in the form of pay increases and added benefits. The community needed both sides to work out their differences. This is because public safety could be jeopardized. This...


Understanding these interests is what gives them the flexibility to create win -- win scenarios. (Bass, 2006)
Unit 4 Discussion: Did You Know? Four in Ten Positions Are Filled with Insiders. In a survey of large, well-known businesses, respondents said over one-fourth of positions are filled with people who already work for the company and accept a promotion or transfer. As companies have begun to grow again, the greater demand for talent requires more external recruiting. Discuss how filling positions internally might impact the organization. Explain the benefits of filling a position with an internal source. Explain the limitations.

Filling a position internally will have an impact on the organization by providing it with proven leadership. This occurs with these individuals having to establish themselves and work their way to the top from some of the lowest positions. The benefits it provides, is to serve as a way to motivate others to work hard and always place the interests of the company first. The limitations are that it hurts the firm's ability to locate new talent who can think differently. This impacts their ability to adapt to…

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