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First, it masks society to the continued dearth of Asian-Americans in decision-making positions, both in government and in corporate America. It also stops people in authority from addressing the issue, because the problem is buried.

Towards this, the first step is to educate people regarding the folly of the model minority. If Asian-Americans realize that there is a systemic racism that still acts to block their efforts at career advancement, they would be able to take steps to be more proactive. They could learn to overcome cultural misperceptions that success depends only on finely honed technical skills. Instead, Asian-Americans should know to hone their leadership and communication skills as well, engaging in networking practices and speaking up instead of being deferential to superiors (Borja).

Additionally, members of the community should also successful Asian-Americans should also recognize that the absence of Asian-American leaders is also due to the lack of role models and mentors. Towards this, activists have created the Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP). This program aims to train youth through training and mentorship programs, providing contact people within organizations (Pham et al. 68).

In conclusion, the model minority myth continues to harm the very population that it idealizes. To break through the glass ceiling, Asian-Americans must be proactive in developing the necessary skills that would help them advance to leadership positions. Corollary to this, successful Asian-Americans should then "give back" to their communities, via such programs as LEAP. Such concerted efforts will help to bring light to the model minority stereotype, and will help bring about the resolution.

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