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This, obviously, is morally wrong, but as long as people continue to see the world through the lens of race, there are likely to be widespread injustices.

It seems to me that there is no easy solution to the problem of racism and lack of social representation of the racial minorities in this country. It would be almost contrary to human biology to suggest that people should be able to ignore their physical and cultural differences. Nevertheless, the one eradicable root cause of racism in the United States is misunderstanding -- this necessarily grows out of inexperience. As a result, we should be led to believe that the best way to tackle the issue of diversity in America is to grant racial minorities greater exposure in both the media and in politics.

One relatively easy way to accomplish this is to eliminate the two party political system. if, for example, the top ten candidates in a particular state won the ten available seats -- rather than the top one in each district -- then politics would immediately begin to obtain a more diverse voice. This, I believe, would be one of the key steps towards resolving racial issues within my community, on a small scale, and in the United States, on a larger scale.


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