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The hotel market in present times as also in earlier periods has largely been impacted by the changes in the expectations and inclinations of the consumers. One major change is the advancement in technology that leads to ease of access. According to statistics from research studies, it is indicative that as much as fifty five percent of all consumers presently make use of the internet to book their travel plans and accommodations. This percentage alters the setting of the hospitality industry in a huge way. In fact, proficient use of technology is considered to be the thin line that separates successful entities in the hotel industry and those that turn failures (Walker, 2012).

Due to the predispositions and changing preferences of the consumers to adapt technology, it has become an integral component in the industry to the extent that the hotel market and industry has to change and incorporate such preferences. For instance, it is hard to imagine a hotel that does not offer Wi-Fi services to its consumers or guests. With the advancement in technology and consumers increasingly expecting it to be integrated in almost everything, technology has come to be an inseparable aspect in the hotel business. This is because the utilization of technology commences even before the guest checks...


Therefore, this implies that the consumers expect the hotel to have a website or online bureau where they can book their hotel rooms electronically. This can be done through company websites or through online traveling or booking agencies (Walker, 2012).

Another aspect and preference of the consumers that has altered the hotel market is sustainability. Walker (2012) described sustainability as the capability to attain constant or continues economic success and at the same time protecting and safeguarding the natural resources of the earth and providing a high quality level of life for the populaces and its forthcoming generations. As such, the hotel industry has also come to be wary of aspects such as pollution and wastage. These issues can cause the hotels to miss out on consumers. For instance, poaching and using tusks or animal fur can cause environmentally aware consumers to avoid such a hotel. Consequently, the hotel market has been affected as more and more hotels have to start being wary of resources such as energy (Walker, 2012)

Being consumer-oriented is another aspect that has caused the hotel market to adapt and…

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