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attitudes emotions influence behaviors -Explain ways personality values influence behaviors -Create a plan increase employee motivation, satisfaction, performance -Discuss topics comfortable -Discuss struggle -Discuss relate organiazation (human resources) • Use ONLY present tense! NO PAST TENSE a -write requested. Sources

Behavioral Influences

The influences of attitudes and emotions on behaviors

The behavior of individuals is influenced by several factors. Some of the most important factors that influence human behavior are represented by upbringing, education, personal experience, the environment, learned behaviors, their thinking style, and others. These factors basically shape the general lines of human behavior. There are also other factors that influence it.

The attitudes and emotions of individuals influence their behavior on contextual basis. In other words, the behavior of individuals can be different in situations that have little difference between them. This is because during the situations in case, the individual can be affected by certain attitudes and emotions that require certain behavioral responses. This can be observed in the case of individuals that respond violently when someone asks them a casual question, simply because they are going through negative emotions caused by other events. In other situations, the person can respond calmly to such casual questions because they are in relaxed moods and emotions. Therefore, it is important to analyze the context that determined the behavior of individuals at certain
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The influences of personality and values on behaviors

The personality of individuals is also likely to significantly influence their behavior. This is because their personality incorporates their life experiences that determine it. However, it is important to understand that each individual displays several personalities in accordance with the environment they find themselves in. At home, people display certain attitudes, personalities, but at work or with their friends, their personality can be entirely different.

The values of individuals are one of the most important factors that influence their behavior. This is because the values they establish for themselves based on their experience and needs, determines them to act in certain situations. In other words, their behavioral response to different situations is selected in order to satisfy these values. People tend to not be satisfied when they do something that is not in accordance with their values.

Employees motivation plan

In order to improve the performance of employees, the company must develop a plan that can increase their motivation and satisfaction. This is a difficult objective to reach. This is because the numerous differences between individuals regarding their values, personalities, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors require different stimuli. This means that employees have different needs and preferences that must be addressed by different issues. The company must identify these needs, and develop a strategy that satisfies them.

But the strategy cannot be developed for each employee in case. Therefore, it is important to…

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references of employees are addressed by different approaches. In addition to this, the different values of employees determine them to respond to different motivational factors. In other words, employees are motivated by different factors. What motivates certain employees, does not motivate others. Therefore, the company analyzes the behavior of employees and identifies their personality, their values, and the emotions that affect them.

The company struggles with identifying these issues. This is because in order to identify them, the employees must provide this information. In case they do not want to offer such information about themselves, it is difficult for the company to identify their motivational factors. This means that it is difficult to develop a motivational strategy that can increase their satisfaction. It is important to develop strategies that influence employees and their productivity.

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