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Each sculpture has a style and beauty all its own, and each shows the style and message of the artist.

It is clear the styles changed as these sculptures were created. Michelangelo's DAVID is classical Greek style, with fluid lines and a muscular body that is very pleasant to look at. Bernini's DAVID is a man, while Michelangelo's is clearly a young boy, and Donatello's looks like a dandy or a cavalier. Even his pose makes him look less manly than the other two sculptures, but does somehow manage to convey power, which is ultimately the goal of all the sculptures.

The message behind these sculptures is the same legend of David slaying Goliath, but they each convey that message very differently. Michelangelo's and Bernini's DAVID's both look like they could slay a giant, while Donatello's looks like the hand of God helped him along. All the statues convey power and force, either by weapons or...


He also has a helmet or hat to protect him, while the others do not need anything to protect them, it seems.

Bernini's culture is one of power and art combined, and it shows in this sculpture that is just ready to unleash the powerful shot that will bring down Goliath. Art has reached a new, high form, and so has understanding of the human form. This sculpture represents a high form of culture, and it does it powerfully and gracefully at the same time.

Each of the sculptors show their influences, their cultures, and their sentiments in these sculptures. Donatello's is romantic, Michelangelo's is heroic, and Bernini's is a combination of the two. They all indicate why artists choose to cover the same subject again. Each brings a different eye and model to the work, and so, even if one came before, theirs is new, fresh, and very different from the other.


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