Believing And Doubting Conventional Ideas Essay

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Believing and Doubting Conventional Ideas

The ability to interpret and the acknowledgement of this respective ability emphasizes a person's willingness to doubt concepts that seem obvious. To a certain degree, it would be safe to say that humanity has evolved as a consequence of people being reluctant to accept things as they were and trying to consider their complexity. Through constantly refuting ideas that certain groups attempted to present as being valid, people have been able to discover new ideas and have been able to play important roles in creating the modern world. "The Believing Game and How to Make Conflicting Opinions More Fruitful" provides readers with information they need in order to both develop doubtful personalities and to learn more about accepting conventional ideas.

When considering the concept of medical marijuana, it is easy to observe how the masses are often inclined to be against it.

Opponents of marijuana argue that it is too dangerous to use.

a. This view is intriguing because it emphasizes the idea that marijuana can, indeed, be harmful if it is...


If I were to believe this view I would likely be able to play a more active role in preventing people from abusing marijuana.

c. This idea can be true in situations when individuals consume the substance on a regular basis -- in addition to being likely to have harmful effects in the long run, it can also make it difficult for a person to perform tasks considered relatively basic, such as doing his or her job.

Marijuana leads to harder drug use.

a. In many areas marijuana is still illegal and individuals consuming it are thus likely to be exposed to environments frequented by criminals and their dealers are probable to also express interest in selling harder drugs.

b. If I believed this view I would probably notice the dubious environments where individuals procure their marijuana.

c. This idea might be true in situations when people are exposed to criminal environments and these respective criminals pressure them into thinking there would be nothing wrong with taking stronger drugs.

Marijuana is a front for drug legalization.

a. Legalizing marijuana might influence harder drug supporters into thinking that it would only be natural for them to lobby with regard to having governments legalize substances they favor.

b. If I believed this view I would observe more and more harder drug supporters getting actively involved in protesting the fact that the authorities criminalize substances they use.

c. One of the main reasons why this could be true…

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