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Global Business Management / Benefits of Global Business Management Course

Three Main Concepts

Global business management denotes the manner in which a corporation handles its operations in the international business scenario, including its hiring, marketing, sales, and financial systems (, 2015). The course includes all those proficiencies required of an organization's manager, namely leadership, analytic ability, problem-solving, strategic planning skills, communication skills, creativity and numeracy. It enables managers to acquire requisite abilities, knowledge, and experience for managing both domestic and international businesses' financial, human, and material resources, in addition to complex practical and strategic management issues (Humber, 2015).


This program clarifies numerous doubts, and facilitates a better understanding of global business management. I, for instance, was not well versed with the concepts of global economy, emerging markets and foreign market. The course, in an entrepreneurial context,...


By the time of course completion, I was able to acquire an understanding of critical elements that influence the workings of international businesses; cultivate necessary skills for assessing potential of foreign markets (particularly market entry); look into business opportunities in emerging markets like China, Brazil and Russia, along with their economic, legal, brand, organizational and environmental effects; and learn factors to be borne in mind with regard to complex decision making in the global business scenario (e.g., intercultural factors, social, environmental and economic capital maximization) (IDP, 2015).

Moreover, I did not envision that this course would deal with management's wider areas. However, the sphere of global business management is multidisciplinary, and enables one to study global management practice and develop a global attitude. It primarily revolves around management practice in an international business scenario, or a global company's management. Global functions and management coursework is integrated with activities for experiencing global management first-hand. The course also ensures a broader understanding of global management through a vast selection of programs in liberal arts and international business. Minimum second language competency, though not mandatory, enhances this course's credibility (Babson College, 2015).

Three Main Concepts

The three key elements taught by this course are as follows (in order of importance): foreign market, emerging markets, and cross-border decision-making. Foreign market takes precedence over the other two elements as one has to amass necessary information by performing market research, for the purpose of analysis of any foreign market (Jarne & Tunbjer,…

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