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From a scientific point-of-view, religion should not be associated only with revelation, as people should simply try to understand it by concentrating on the religious experience and on the result of their interaction with God (Lindberg & Numbers 449).

In contrast to scientists, theologians considered that revelation was essential in learning more in regard to God, given that human nature was divided between the natural order and the supernatural one. Even with that, some of them were certain that any individual is capable of understanding God, regardless of his background or of the degree to which he is a religious person or not. From the perspective of theologians, natural science should not necessarily be considered as a field that has nothing to do with religious principles, given that it is apparently affected by the divine similar to everything else (Lindberg & Numbers 452).

Theologians appreciate science because of its ability to assist God and to put across accurate theological thinking concomitantly. However, science is unable to explain revelation, as it is a matter that can only be understood through God. Science has virtually made it possible for theologians to abandon prejudice in favor of expressing religious convictions that are actually in accordance with entrenched logical conclusions. Religion emphasizes the fact that nature is meant to assist humans in understanding God. Science wants people to acknowledge their connection with the divine without ignoring the importance of nature.

The natural world has made it possible for several discoveries to dispute many matters promoted by the bible. Darwin's theory is one of the most renowned document pointing toward the belief that it would virtually be impossible for Adam to have been the first individual, given that it is more probable (and more feasible) for humanity to have evolved through time.

Science is not unwilling to accept the existence of God, as it is in point of fact determined to learn more in regard to the concept by studying rational theism. People who are presently engaged in studying science through using religion are normally opened to new ideas and are against biblical fundamentalism, especially considering that it is accountable for putting across some of the most debated topics related to religion.

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