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¶ … Biometrics Relates to IT Security

Enterprises are more reliant on their information assets and computer systems than factory machinery or production equipment. Ironically these fixed assets of companies are protected more effectively than the main IT systems of a business. While there are a myriad of security technologies available today, biometrics shows the most potential for creating and sustaining a unified, enterprise wide security for a company's IT and information assets better than any other (Crosbie, 2005). The intent of this research design and methodology is to define the financial and operational benefits of biometrics being used as an integral component of an enterprise IT security strategy.

Biometric Components and their Implications

Implementing an enterprise-wide biometric system requires a model-centric approach over using a process-based approach to securing IT systems, information and the knowledge they deliver. Model-based biometrics are more secure and scale beyond the limits of traditional IT technologies as these latter approaches rely on a role-based authentication alone (Wang, Liu, Shyu, 2013). Using a model-based authentication approach that is based on IT professionals' biometrics, an added dimension is provided to role assignments where each member of a team can be assigned...


The model-based approach to creating and sustaining a biometrics-based security strategy is predicated on seven different attributes that are reflected in the design objectives of companies building these systems (Crosbie, 2005). These attributes include universality, uniqueness, permanence, measurability, performance, acceptability and circumvention (Matyas, Stapleton, 2000). The emergence of standards in this area is designed to unify these attributes into a scalable, secure framework yet also pertain the agility and time-to-market that is essential for enterprises to make these attributes relevant to their needs (Wang, Liu, Shyu, 2013). Today there is no clear quantifications of the financial and operational performance metrics for biometrics across all seven attributes.

Research Objectives and Hypotheses

1. To determine the financial and operational performance measures of performance that biometrics is delivering to enterprises who have standardized on this technology today.

2. To determine how the seven attributes that form the foundation of biometric theory can be organized into a standard definition hat abides by the existing industry frameworks.

Research Technique

The research technique will be based on a thorough literature review of all peer revised empirical research generated over the last 12 months. This time constraint is essential…

Sources Used in Documents:


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