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¶ … Against a Radiologist Underlines the Need for Fully Informed Consent From Patients

Do you agree with the court's decision? Why or why not?

If the diagnosis had been made, the surgeon that did perform the procedure on Mrs. Paul would have been able to take appropriate precautions or would have decided not to have performed the surgery. Another option may have been to have postponed the surgery until the aneurysm was treated. Regardless, the failure to diagnose a significant medical condition led to material harms.

If Dr. Cooke had properly diagnosed Mrs. Paul's berry aneurysm, what processes?

"There is no question that a ruptured berry aneurysm requires treatment, and the sooner, the better. The risk of rebleeding is highest shortly after the initial subarachnoid hemorrhage" (Pressman 2015). Treatment usually involves removal through surgery. "In this procedure, the skull is opened to allow a neurosurgeon to access the brain and find their way to the blood vessel. Despite the seriousness of such an operation, in one study, just over 94% of patients had a good surgical outcome" (Pressman 2015). Had the correct diagnosis been made, removing the aneurysm would have been given priority by her healthcare team and she would have very likely avoided the prospect of disability

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A recent case...


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Q2. HIPAA ruling highlights importance of encrypting patient information

2a. Why do you think the court rules in favor of the health care provider?

The court could not find any material damage or harm done to the patients whose names were stolen. Damages are not awarded based upon the idea that something could have gone badly: there must be actual harm done.

2b. Do you think the decision would be different if the files were unencrypted?

Unencrypted files would clearly show a higher level of negligence if something went awry. However, the defendant would still have to prove that she had suffered some form of appreciable harm.


Mullaney, T. (209). HIPAA ruling highlights importance of encrypting patient information.

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Unit4 LC #1

Q1. Describe in your own words, do not use sources, how meiosis results in genetic variation.

In meiosis, there are two rather than one divisions of the cells. This creates incomplete cells which must merge with another cell in the process of sexual vs. asexual reproduction. The…

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