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This also means that it is the Sovereign God and not just Lady Luck that is the Lord of Israel.

Since God is sovereign by nature, it means that His sovereignty even extends to the allocation of Gods to tribals and to pagans, and this also means that God did not simply hand over His very representation of Himself as the Father and as the Son and as the Spirit to Lady Luck, and then relax, nor did He give over to chance or to Providence the form of government for the nation that He had chosen to bless by spreading His teachings and wisdom among the people of that region. Krister Stendal, the former Dean of Harvard Divinity School, made a comment wherein he said that God had chosen manly and masculine metaphors with which to describe Him, and that this was by mere accident and chance. However, in truth, the Bible actually dose not mention anything at all about the physical appearance of Christ, and nowhere is the various physical attributes of Christ described in any way, like, for example, the color of His eyes, and so on. Patriarchy was considered the rule of law, and this system of government was never considered to be oppressive or cruel, especially to women. In fact, it was often stated that were women to rule, this would be an example of God's punishment on men, and that it would be taken as God's judgment against the sinful nation. (the Role of Women in Worship in the Old Testament)

However, Isaiah 3:12 states that children are their oppressors, and women rule over them, and the vote was for the opposition of the oppression that women were often subjected to, and Micah 2:9 even states that the women were being cast out of their pheasant homes by this type of oppression, and that a voice was required for those who were too weak to have a voice or opinion of their own, like for example, the widows, and the fatherless. Our Lord was in fact a revolutionary when it came to women, and it is indeed a fact that He had very definite views on women in worship, and at times, He managed to amaze His various disciples by conversing with them when He was not supposed to, thus violating the laws of both Romans as well as the Jews against women, according to John 4:27. Furthermore, Jesus Christ also entrusted women into becoming the original witnesses to the resurrection, which is in fact the very cornerstone of the Christian faith, although it is also a fact that the statements of these women would have been discounted in a roman Court, according to Luke 24:1-24.

This is where Mary of Magdala, who had shown her devotion to Christ through her worship of the Lord, became the first person to meet Christ after His resurrection, according to Mark 16:9-10; John 20:14-18. Mark 16:11; Luke 24:11 states that the story of Mary Magdalen that Christ had in fact arisen was discounted by His many disciples, and there are even stories of how they laughed it off. However, when the story was seen to be true, Jesus Christ rebuked these disciples for not believing the story and ridiculing the woman, as seen in Mark16: 14. However, despite all these facts, it is still true that Jesus Christ attempted to stand by the norms dictated by the Old testament, wherein a woman could never be appointed as an Apostle, in spite of having had a number of women pandering to all His various needs, and ministering to Him, and looking after all His wants. In fact, there were a number of women, who were close friends of Jesus Christ at that time, and despite all this, He was not able to give a woman the position that she deserved. (the Role of Women in Worship in the Old Testament)

One story that did its rounds at that time states...


Therefore, it can be said that women did indeed play a prominent historical roles in the Ministry of Jesus as His disciples and as His followers. This sort of prominence and importance of women happened to continue even after the death of Christ, and these women played a very important role in the early stages of the development of the early movement of the religion of Christianity. In fact, it has even been proved that the majority of Christians in the first century were women. (Women in Ancient Christianity, the new Discoveries)

In the New Testament, devoted disciples and people like Peter, John, and Paul take center stage, but the main part of the stage is taken up by Jesus Christ, the humble carpenter and the Son of God, and His devoted band of good women disciples who not only paved the way for the Lord but also preached His various messages to one and all at that time of History. His mortal Mother, for example, though she was in fact a mere mortal, was effectively lifted above that basic level, and taken to a step above it, while at the same time, there were a lot of women whose works as well as their devotions were completely ignored. However, as is the won't of strong willed women, they took it in their stride and strove to face the challenges and the trails that came their way with a strong sense of courage and with tremendous spirit. One of the most famous and the most adored women in the Bible is in fact, the Virgin Mary, the temporal Mother of Christ. (Women of the New Testament)

There are not many facts known about her life, except that she was a humble girl from the country of Nazareth, and engaged to marry the humble local carpenter Joseph. This was the time when she met the Angel, who informed her that she would be the mother of the messiah, and after this point, until the time when Jesus was presented at the Temple, Mary's life was at the very forefront of the Gospels. After this, Mary literally faded into obscurity, after which she emerged when Jesus was crucified. Mary was known as the bountiful mother, as well as the Mother of Jesus Christ, and has also been known for her continuous search for the Messiah, although the very sad fact is that she faded in everyone's memory though she showed great faith in His Coming, as well as devotedly affirmed His Arrival. The Bible actually refers to Mary, Mother of Christ, as Anna, and she was, in fact, one of the very first persons to have ever declared that Jesus was the Christ and the Savior. Anna was an elderly woman, and has been known to be a believer in the Torah and in the Isaiah and the Micah. She was, therefore, a learned woman, and most probably held the position of a Sister of Charity or a Deaconess of the Christian Faith.

However, though she was awaiting the arrival of Jesus Christ eagerly, there is no known record of any type of celebration at His arrival, and while Anna awaited His Arrival, Mary of Nazareth was responsible for bringing Him into the world as well as raising Him, there is no evidence that either of the two women played an important role in His life. There were two other women, who played a vital role in Jesus Christ's life, and they were Martha and Mary, who shared a home with their brother Lazarus, and both of these women would be responsible to a large extent in the ministry of Christ. While Mary was saintly and sensitive, and more dedicated to Christ than her sister, it was to Martha that Christ declared that He was in fact the Messiah, and Martha was also the one person whose great confession of faith was one of the biggest in the History of the written word, and this happened just before her brother Lazarus was raised from the dead, according to the John 11:27. There were some women whose lives were not touched in any way by Christ at all, and these people, when they heard of Christ and showed their faith in Him, became believers almost overnight, and Mary Magdalene was one such woman. Mary Magdalene according to the Gospels, had been afflicted by the seven demons, and when Christ happened to cast out these demons, she became a zealous and fervent believer in Christ, and threw herself into the cause of Christianity with full verve. (Women of the New Testament)

According to old legends, the various and numerous Disciples of Christ who went around preaching Christianity all over the world were actually sent by Mary, and she…

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