Build Different Sentence Styles 7th Grade Application Essay

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¶ … 8th Grade: Readers Cinema Standard:

The students will utilize and identify tone that is steady with the sentence type. (Content)

The students will identify words that are being mentioned. (Content)

The students will learn how to be thoughtful of others. (Process)

The objective of this task is to have the students complete a reader's cinema with the class in front of the camera that will film them using video. The video that will be used can be from a regular cell phone or it can be from some kind of a camcorder. Before this takes place, the students will have done no less than four run-throughs as a class performing on the characteristics of eloquence. We have completed workshops that help students recognize words that produce tone and natural breaks in sentences to make sentence flow. For instance, the teacher will have the students to circle particular words in their lines to highlight that generates some kind of a natural quality. The students have been able to go over their lines as a class in addition to with partners. When their performance is over we will video tape it and the students will watch the video to personally examine their own presentation.

The students have been beforehand videotaped executing a reader's cinema. The students now have a reflection sheet that asks them to remark and give instances on the standards being measured, which were pitch, volume, sentence flow, involvement, and respectfulness. Each criterion has a segment for the students to make some kind of comment on their performance. The students are being measured on the quality of their response. The feedback must consist of exact examples that support each criterion. The quality of the feedback is likewise determined by the total of adjectives that are used in order to define how the students feel they did on their presentation. The point of this benchmark is that students will typically write things like "I did not do well" or "I did okay." I desire for my students to utilize adjectives that offer a clearer viewpoint on their performance.

Student directions:

You have just completed performing the reader's cinema as a class and observed a footage of the presentation. Use the following question sheet to mirror on how you feel you did on your presentation. You were initially being marked pitch, volume, sentence flow, involvement, and respectfulness. In your reflection for each criterion include the following:

At least three adjectives to describe how well or unsuccessful you think you did from the videotape of your performance using the following criteria:

pitch, volume, sentence flow, involvement, and respectfulness

Clear and specific examples that define your adjectives. For instance, if you use Outstanding as an adjective, then define a detailed time in the footage of your performance that made it outstanding.

Provide examples of things you did good and also give examples on things that you still need to practice. For samples of things you need to work on, define some ways that you can do this better the next time around.


Rubric for pitch, volume, sentence flow, involvement, and respectfulness





Pitch (x2)

Your ability to speak is full of some type of expression in it. You make a question appear like a question, a request sound like a request, etc.

Your voice has some expression, nevertheless it is still tough to make out a declarative sentence from an interrogative one.

Your voice is mutter and does not have any kind of expression whatsoever.


Your voice is noisy enough for everyone to hear it throughout the whole classroom.

Your voice can be

Heard by everyone, be the sounds are stifled and tough to hear hesrunderstand.

Your voice is not able to be heard at all a few feet away from you.

Sentence flow (x2)

Your sentences flow the whole time. You are capable to of identifying natural silences in your speech.

Your sentences are jerky sometimes. You make an effort to recognize, but do not practice natural breaks in your speech.

Your sentences are continuously uneven. You seldom endeavor to recognize natural breaks in speech, and do not exercise them.


You read your lines appropriately, and do not forget when your speaking parts are.

You read the lines properly, but sometimes stop paying attention and forget where your lines were.

You have to be

Constantly prompted of when your talking sections are and do not read you lines properly.


You pay attention to your classmates without interrupting them. You keep up the whole time.

You rarely disrupt...


You merely follow along when you have a reading part.
You always disturb the class and hardly take note to the script.

Build Different Sentence Styles 8th Grade


The students will learn to use and then identify tone that is steady with the sentence structure. Content)

The students will recognize and utilize context clues to provide meaning to sentences. (Content)

The students will pay attention to the estimation of other group members. (Process)


The students will have beforehand completed the sentence-types worksheet and have practiced using the accurate tone of voice. The students have produced their own type of sentences that will have the right punctuation before and are familiar on the amount of context clues that are necessary in order to decide the type of sentence. At this time the students will produce their own 10 sentences that have a diversity of sentence types. The students will need to write no less than 2 sentences for the four sentence styles. The four dissimilar sentence kinds are declare, command, question and exclaim. Once they are completed this part of the task, the students will then get into groups of four. The students will take turns reading their ten sentences utilizing the accurate tone of voice to the rest of the members that are in the group. Right after a student reads one single sentence, the group members then will need to talk about which sentence style is being used and why it is being utilized. They will also be asked to give an example themselves just to see if they clearly understand the concept that is taking place. The student cab come up with all sorts of creative ways to display these examples. When the group has reached some kind of an agreement, the student will then just move on to the very next sentence. While reading the sentence, the others in the group will be listening very carefully. Their plan will be to be able to assess others in the group by pointing out the errors in the sentence. Next, the members of the group will start talking about the precise tone of voice and any kinds of context clues they may have picked up in the sentence that helped them make a distinction among the sentence type.


According to the English Language Arts and Reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are organized into the following strands for both authentic assessments. With these assessments the students will engage in activities that build on their prior skills and knowledge skills so as to strengthen their reading, writing, and oral language abilities. 8.1A: students will learn to adjust fluency when reading out aloud grade-level text based on the reading drive and the nature of the text. Also, they will learn the vocabulary development. For example, 8.2: Students will come to understand new vocabulary and then use it when it comes to their reading and writing. Students are expected to 8.2A which is determine the significance of grade-level academic English words resulting from Latin, Greek, or other linguistic affixes and roots. In these assessments as stated by TEKS Listening and Speaking/Speaking are important. Students will speak clearly and to the point, utilizing the conventions of language. With that being said, students will continue to relate previous standards with greater difficulty. Students will be expected to provide some kind of an organized presentation with a precise point-of-view, making sure that they eye contact, also having the right speaking rate, making sure the volume is right, enunciation, natural gestures, and conventions of language in order to communicate ideas in a more effective way.

Listening and Speaking/Teamwork is another parts of TEK standard in this assignment. Students work productively with others in teams. Students will continue to apply earlier standards with greater complexity. Students are expected to participate in student-led discussions by eliciting and considering suggestions from other group members and by identifying points of agreement and disagreement. Also writing/Persuasive Texts is important for this assessment. Students will write persuasive texts in order to influence the attitudes or actions of an exact audience on specific issues. Students are expected to write persuasive essays for appropriate audiences that establish a position and include sound reasoning, detailed and appropriate evidence, and consideration of options. When it comes to the Oral and Written Conventions/Conventions all of the students will need to understand the function of and use the settlements of academic language when writing and speaking. Students will continue to apply earlier standards with more difficulty.

Lesson Plan

Concept Objectives

8.1 -- A, C; 8.2 -- A, B, C, D, F; 8.3 -- A, B, C; 8.4 -- A; 8.9 -- A; 8.10 -- J; 8.15

1) The students will utilize and…

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