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Healthcare Management

Did America justly fulfill its manifest destiny? Explain your opinion.

America did fulfill its destiny. This occurred with the country uniting as one nation embracing these ideas of personal freedom and equality. While at the same time, it went from a series of small backward colonies to becoming a world power. These objectives were realized over the course of American history. (Kennedy, 2012)

The biggest reasons for the westward expansion were based upon the desire to obtain land and have access to various natural resources (i.e. gold, silver, coal and oil). This was a part of America's expansion into becoming a new nation that embraced the ideas of personal freedom. A classic example of this peaceful expansion occurred with the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. To this day, it is continuing to contribute economically and militarily. (Kennedy, 2012)

However, the westward expansion often involved the use of violence. For instance, from 1846 to 1848 the Mexican-American stakeholders. At the heart of it, is an emphasis on Total Quality Management. This is when employees and managers have a cordial working relationship in unison with each to achieve the same goals. (Brewer, 2004)

The basic approach for implementing it; requires working with everyone to see the benefits it provides. Once this happens, is the point they will redefine the way the organization operates. Inside the accounting industry, this improves their ability to reduces expenses and engage in…

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