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In the wake on new and very contentious health care reform, many firms have undergone extensive transformations. These transformations have been predicated on both cost control and quality management. In particular quality management has had a profound impact on the underlying business operations of many health care firms. For one, firms are now finding methods in which to enhance the overall patient experience while also mitigating potential loses due to negligent means. The focus on quality management has also made firms more efficient in regards to the overall delivery of service. In particular, my firm has done extensive work with reducing elderly accidents within the facility. This quality management initiative has not only reduced costs associated with accidents, but it also has enhanced the trust and patient experience of all stakeholders within the firm (Kelly, 2011).

Identify the milestone you chose in the history of quality improvement in the first line of your posting.

Within my facility that has been significant process improvements in regards to elderly falls. This is a significant milestone as my facility was particularly prone to accidents within the elderly population. For one, the coordination, reflexes, and overall motor skills of the elderly have significantly diminished. As such, what seems routine, and easily avoided because an often cumbersome and difficult task for elderly individuals. Simple aspects, such as patient beds being too high, slips caused by rain water, improper placement of materials, cracks in the tiles within the facility, and equipment being in a close proximity to one another, all cause a hazardous environment. The elderly population is not only exposed to these, but the firm's nursing practice.

In regards to health care delivery and the overall nursing practice, employees are now more cognizant of potential hazards. In addition, the nursing practice is now conducting itself in a more business like methodology. Within the firm, all employees are better trained to identify hazards and recognize the implications of failing to correct them. Nurses now see the impact, both financially, and reputation wise to the facility in which they work. This has proved invaluable as now nurses are better rounded in regards to their overall cognition and business experience (Draper, 2011). They can now see methods in which to enhance health care delivery that transcend traditional nursing boundaries. This skill set is very valuable as the firm can simultaneously deliver value while also decreasing elderly falls. Nurses due to this milestone are also better able to take on leadership roles which can further the health care delivery system. With their better rounded nature, these leaders can position health care facilities to better innovate the patient experience as oppose to settling for the status quo (Lucia, 2009).

Evaluate how this milestone relates to the purpose and philosophy of quality improvement.

Elderly falls are well correlated to the purpose and philosophy of quality improvement. For one, quality improvement is predicated on great customer service, and overall value enhancements. By reducing elderly falls within a facility, both requirements are satisfied. In addition, the facility benefits as the quality improvements increase the reputation and status of the facility. Elderly falls are particularly troublesome when they result from severe negligence and malpractice. By reducing the prevalence…

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