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This means that you must continually monitor and communicate about possible changes, pertaining to the overall scope of the threat. Once this occurs, is when an entity will have an effective security procedure that will adapt to the various changes that are taking place.

This is significant, because this information can be used to corroborate the overall nature of security threats that could be faced by the SME. Where, this information is useful in helping to identify and address possible operational considerations that must be taken into account. As a result, this will help to provide not only a glimpse of possible security challenges that will be faced, but it will also help to establish an effective IT security protocol.

When you compare this with the previous source, this information can be used to highlight specific security threats that the company we are examining could face. Where, it discusses the possibility of a cyber attack and the overall threat it represents. Then, the tools to help mitigate the possible impact can add to the foundation of the overall security threat faced. This will help the organization to build off of the information from the previous source, which found that trust was a major issue for most people. If an effective strategy can be implemented. This will help to foster and establish trust for the B2C division.

In the piece of literature from Reynolds, (2004) the author discusses how various security threats can be addressed, by providing layered levels of protection for all systems. This is where an organization will structure their web site, by having different systems and subsystems, designed to prevent a possible attack from occurring. This would include using a combination of a number of different elements to provide effective levels of protection such as: routers, user account security, added layers for sensitive data and software security.

Routers (firewalls) would serve as the initial frontline defense against a possible attack. This is when there is an electronic device that will securely forward traffic to various areas of the website securely. If someone tries to access different areas that are unauthorized they will automatically be prevented from reaching these areas. This is designed to prevent what is known as the denial of service attack. This is when hackers will attempt to shut down an entire website through a number of different techniques including: the ping of death attack, attempts to flood the host system, mail bomb attacks and host system hogging. This is important, because this will form the basic frontline defense that will protect a website against possible cyber attacks.

User account security is when you are attempting to prevent hackers, from using someone's personal information to gain access to the web site. This involves utilizing the tools of: authentication and authorization. Authentication is when you are creating series of blocks that requires: someone to verify who they are, before receiving access. This could include: using one time passwords, digital signatures and login passwords; to verify the identity of customers. Authorization is when you are defining what areas of the website a customer may have access to. This can be used in conjunction with authentication, to serve as a secondary line of defense. Once this occurs, is when this can serve as an effective way of increasing the overall levels of security at the SME's website.

Added layers of protection of sensitive data is when you are looking at what parts of the website could be most vulnerable to cyber attack. Those areas that contain the most sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) needs to be given additional layers of protection. This would mean, storing this information on separate server and having encryption technology in place, to prevent hackers from having easy access to the information. At which point, an added layer will be added to the overall levels of security for the website.

Software security is when you are monitoring for various glitches in the software that could give someone access to the website. The way it works is various programs will have weaknesses that are exploited, by hackers all the time through: manipulating the HTML code. Once this takes place, the hacker can use this as a backdoor to have increased access, by hiding in between firewall / routers. At which point, they will
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be able to begin attacking the website from the inside, which increases the chances that they can gain access to this information.

This is significant, because it shows how a multiple layer approach can help increase the total amount of security for the company. Given the fact that the SME is venturing into B2C, means that they must utilize this kind of system, if they plan on being able to successfully prevent security related issues from becoming a problem. As a result, this information can be used to identify and address how this operational issue can be effectively dealt with.

When you compare this with information from the previous sources, it is clear that this helps to add to overall tools that can be used, to increase the underlying amounts of trust in the organization. As the types of tools / tactics, will improve upon the initial security strategy, making it difficult for the company to have any of its information compromised.

Pankaj (2005) discusses the impact that e-commerce can have on existing retail businesses. Where, they are trying to use this as a way to be able to reach out vendors and customers. The problem is that many customers and vendors are so use to the current system that is in place, that they do not use the e-commerce system. This causes managers to become concerned, because their overall rate of return declines and the organization has change, to effectively utilize this model. The key is enticing customers and vendors, to begin using the website as an alternative to the retail locations. To achieve this objective, it advisable that managers create a site that can easily compliment the retail location and will stand out from competitors.

This information is significant, because it can be used to show how integrating the retail locations and the website can be challenging. In the case of the furniture company that is being examined, this helps to provide more understanding of possible integration issues that the company faces. At the same time, it is useful in helping to identify and address various operational issues that the company is facing.

When you compare the information from this source with others that were presented, it is clear that making the site user friendly is an important aspect of building trust. This can be used with the ideas that were presented earlier, to establish how trust is built based upon the overall security strategy and how user friendly the web site is for customers as well as vendors. Once this takes place, you can use the B2C division as compliment to the company's retail outlets.

In the piece of literature from Chakrabarti (2002), it discusses the challenges of switching to an e-commerce solution as a part of their retail strategy. Where, established retailers will often face a sense of complacency from managers / executives, who do not see the value in using such a strategy as a part of the business model. Once this takes place, it can mean that many entities will have trouble making a successful integration of their traditional brick and mortar business, with an e-commerce solution. To counter this situation, a strategy of having select managers at key positions, who can work with everyone, will help to effectively address these issues. This is important, because executives will play a major role in creating that sense of excitement, with the public and vendors. Over the course of time, this will spread throughout the entire organization. At which point, the B2C solution will become a part of the cultural traditions of the business.

This information is useful, because it can help to identify possible integration issues that could be faced, with implementing B2C as part of a legacy retail operation. Where, you can corroborate these ideas surrounding possible integration issues, with our sources discussed earlier. At which point, it will provide more concise views of what issues; the SME will have to deal with, when implementing the B2C model and how they can be mitigated. This helps executives and managers, to understand the overall scope of possible operational issues that they will face. At the same time, it provides an effective solution that can be used to mitigate the negative effects as much as possible. Once this occurs, is when the integration process will run more efficiently, as these objectives are being achieved.

When you compare this with the information that was presented earlier, this can help to establish internal issues that could affect how customer trust / loyalty is built. Where,…

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