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Task 1(h) - Difference of opinions within nationalities





Chi-square value




This shows that there were differences of opinion about the resort for the British, German and Italian visitors, but not the French.

Task 1(i) - Difference of opinions between nationalities





Chi-square value


This shows that overall there were differences of opinion for the visitors in each area.

Task 2


The results of the data analysis show that at the present time the French spend substantially more than the other three groups. The British also spend a substantial amount but at the present time come in smaller numbers than the French. The French opinion of the resort is however equally spread, which indicates that French visitors do not agree on whether the resort is generally good or bad. This may explain the wide variation in spending which is seen in the French tourists.

The fact that the French have the potential to spend more would suggest that it may be important to further establish what exactly leads to this difference in opinion. This could be done by conducting more in-depth research into the experience of the visitor, for example distributing feedback surveys to all guests. This may be worthwhile as increasing customer opinion may encourage more French guests to return, thereby attracting customers who spend more money. It is also worth noting that the French seem more likely to come as families, and it is family groups who overall seem to spend the most money at the resort. Therefore it may be worthwhile to try to steer away from the focus on young couples, and try to establish the resort as a more family-focused one. This may be part of the reason for the split opinion of the French guests in itself.

When looking at each of the areas of customer opinion individually, customers seem to find the resort only adequate. It would appear that customers generally find the accommodation good or excellent, food adequate, location adequate. This would suggest that the most effort should be channeled into improving the location, so forming better links with the other areas of the island. It would also be beneficial to improve the food options which are available. It may also be useful to conduct more research into establishing what type of food options would be most welcomed by the visitors.


As a result of the data analysis, the following recommendations are made:

Conduct further research into customer experience at the resort

Improve infrastructure to link areas of the island

Improve range of food facilities

Establish a family-focused resort to which to attract those type of customers that will spend more money, e.g. The French families

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