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He has just recently had surgery. What are the likely results of his deficient protein intake?

D. His surgical wound will heal effectively and he will grow normally because he can live off fat stores

85. When protein consumption is in excess of body needs and energy needs are met, the excess amino acids are metabolized and the energy in the molecule is

B. excreted in the urine.

86. Kwashiorkor usually is associated with a deficiency of C. protein.

87. Which of the following is not true about an incomplete protein source?

D. Lower quantities of this source could be eaten to get adequate quantities of essential amino acids

88. The most reliable source of vitamin B12 for the vegan would be

A. fortified soybean milk.

89. Today the best estimate for the amount of protein required for nearly all adults is ____ grams per kilogram body weight per day.

D. 1.5

90. A vegetarian who excludes animal flesh but consumes such products as milk and eggs is referred to as a (n)

D. ovo-vegetarian.

91. All the following are true of the alteration of the three-dimensional structure of a protein except

C. is called denaturation.

92. Which of the following is true about protein intake in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world?

C. About 70% of the protein we eat in the U.S. comes from animal products

93. The chemical bond joining adjacent amino acids is called a (n)

A. glycosidic bond.

94. The edema in children with kwashiorkor is the result of a. fluid leaking into body tissues from the bloodstream because of decreased blood protein levels.

95. Which of the following is not true about pepsin?


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