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career in architecture actually began when I was a child, when with wonder-filled eyes I beheld the designs and finished plans both my parents produced. My father is an architect, the principal in his own company. My mother is a painter and the owner of an interior design firm. Both of my parents' passion for their work inspired me to pursue a career along the same path.

Throughout high school and college, I sought personal, academic, and professional means by which to manifest my dreams, such as taking any courses that were relevant to the field. Because of both school and my parents' presence in my life, professional resources were plentiful for me. I have plenty of visual images imprinted my mind as a result, too. Therefore, my eventual decision to pursue architecture in college naturally stemmed
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from my early experiences and passion for creativity, form, and function.

My first concentrated academic exposure to my field of interest was during a course of study of Architectural Engineering at Han Yang University in Seoul, Korea. While a student there, I expanded my knowledge base mostly in architectural theory. While my experiences at Han Yang University were fruitful and fundamental to my future academic and professional development, I realized that my perspective on my career was changing.

Drawn by talent and instinct to the creative arts, I have since vigorously pursued coursework in design. My focus is now squarely on design and theory, more so than on engineering. My desire for challenging and creative approach to architecture led me to the Southern California Institute of Architecture, where I successfully completed an Architecture Degree.

After graduating from college and eager to put my newfound skills into practice, I worked as a chief designer in…

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