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There is a laser show which marks as the height of every night; the show is located near the Iron Dragon. These come into play when flames, fireworks and other special effects combine to thrill the eyes and ears of those present. The park itself is entertaining it has an expert landscape that designers create stunning flower beds with a range of colors throughout the park this is rivaled by the brightly painted rides and buildings. There are other entertaining options which include the petting farm, feeding the fish that are found in lagoons within the park or even playing the many games that are available along every thoroughfare in the park.


There cannot be a visit to cedar amusement park that can be complete without snacks. On offer in the park are fine dining options in the in-site hotels. There are also buffets, fresh home-style french-fries, frozen custard and other treats which are classic to parks. Also available widely in the park are drinking fountains and soda machines that are even available inside ride queues which are of great convenience to the riders.

Visiting the park

The park is usually open between early May and Labor Day, daily through early September in the fall, select rides are available from Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the end of October with the parks Halloween weekend events. There are various tickets available in the park with multi-day combination passes, evening-only tickets, junior tickets and both military and senior citizen tickets. There are discounts usually offered to active and retired military personnel as well as if the park is visited by a group of people who are more than fifteen. Every year the park hosts over three million people. There are two hotels in operation within the park. There are suites that offer accommodation for families, and the camper village that welcomes RVs only

The park today

The park has grown into a very fun place to visit for the entire family. It has beautifully landscaped gardens, lake views, a museum, an ice-skating show, plenty of shops and food outlets and water rides, the four children areas, a classic merry-go round and without forgetting the infamous roller coasters. It has adopted a fast lane system which is a two queue system and the visitors of the park receive wrist bands which allow them to bypass the normal-wait line and enter the fast lane.

The park has received awards such as the golden ticket award for the best amusement park in the world for fifteen consecutive years. It is ranked among the most visited amusement park and has also been mentioned in several movies; TV shows and books because it is renowned. The park has also gained such fame that it is frequently used for scientific studies particularly the aeronautics and related studies by NASA to teach basic concepts to physics as well as mathematics students and teachers

(NASA, 2003:7).


There has been a steady development of Cedar Amusement Park from the time it was established as an amusement park to the present time. For its longer than 130-year history, the park has kept a tradition of continual advancement and development that has lured more guests year after year. There has been gradual improvement in the roller coasters from the time they were first opened to now. They are increasingly becoming more powerful and with much more speed. With all these changes over the years the cedar point that is there today wouldn't be recognized by a guest who visited it in 1870 just at its establishment. The only thing that has remained consistent over the years is the beautiful, sandy Lake Erie beach and probably the smiles that are echoed at cedar point in the future as the lake's summertime tradition continues with just the best family and fun excitement. There is therefore a lot to learn from the paper on the way the park has transitioned from the time it was set up to the present date. It is therefore worth to note that the parks location played a big role for its present day location. It is also worth noting that the local authorities at the time of its establishment played a major role since they encouraged the locals to develop the place. Credit has to be given to the first person who began work on the park to the current management since without each and every of their contribution the park would not have grown and become what it is today.


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