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Further, other researchers are coming up with more disturbing reports that indicate possible health implications of cell phone use. There are a number of illnesses and ailments that are associated with cell phone radiation; these include cancer, brain tumors, alzheimer's, parkinson's, fatigue, headaches, sleep disruptions, altered memory function, poor concentration and spatial awareness, and pacemaker disruptions (Mercola, n.d.). Despite the low intensity of cell phone radiation, the similarity between certain electrochemical activities within the human body and this microwave radiation gives enough reason to worry. The human body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument which is very sensitive under the control of highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes. Each one of these electro-biological processes experience vibration at definite frequency with some being close to the frequencies used in modern cell phone technology. It is therefore possible for the low-intensity microwaves from the cell phones to cause considerable non-thermal influence on human biology thus apart from the intensity, these microwaves have other properties that are significant. The biological activities that are affected by the cell phone radiations are influenced by the body metabolism of an individual which brings a difference on the effect of the radiation from one individual to another. The other factor that can bring this difference is the type of cell phone used since cell phones emit radiations with different frequencies. How an individual can be affected by non-thermal electromagnetic influence is demonstrated by the ability of a flashing light to induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. It has to be noted in this case that the seizure is not just caused by the energy absorption but rather by the recognition of the information being transmitted through the pulsating light by the brain. This is so because the frequency used by the brain matches that of the transmitted information. Since there is more proof that cell phone radiation can affect human health than for the contrary it is important that safety measures are...


There have been a number of recommendations on how to reduce the exposure to cell phone radiation such as use of headset which helps increase the distance between the user and the phone which is believed reduces radiation, this has however caused debate. Some other common recommendations include limiting time spent on the phone, using speakerphone, using non-bluetooth or wired headset, limiting calls inside buildings, using phones in open spaces as often as possible, and limiting the use of phones by children and preadolescents.

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