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Change Cycle in an Organization:

As literature (Anderson 2001, Gelinas 1998, Olson 2001, Smith 1997) refers that process of organizational change starts from establishing a committed leadership through the need for and vision of the change to taking action, supervising the improvement and closing out the change. The basic organization change cycle is as under:

Launching A Committed Leadership:

Here we need to share stories within the organization about the need of change, passion one is having for change and how change helps in past and when change did not work. We need to decide that in any future possible situation who will take a stand? What a leader will do for taking stand? Why a leader needs to take stand?

Smell The Need For Change:

Before making a change we should know very well about some issues which arises questions like what is the current situation. Why do we need a change? What problems we are facing with current model?

Establishing A Vision For Change:

Here we have to create a vision among people that what would be future benefits of the change? Could we reach to our desire future through this change? How one would personally benefit from change?

Taking Action:

This step will explain about plans, responsibilities, jobs assignment and actions which are in process.

Maintaining Change:

These steps include an explanation about which barriers are to be face for sustaining the desire change? How one will persists the change? And how much courage we have to persist it?

Monitoring The Progress:

One should have an eye on issues like how are we…

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Aderson, Dean And Linda (2001).Byond the change management, advanced strategies for todays transformational leaders.

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