Changes Writing Is Communication. It Is Essential Essay

¶ … Changes Writing is communication. It is essential in business to get a message across, but also should be not only industry and/or audience specific, but should communicate the message intended in the most appropriate manner. Communication does not work if it is not understood, and part of the process of understanding is being able to focus the message properly. At times, certain professions mix jargon, technical terms, and usage that is either inappropriate or outside the level of the audience. Without explanations, the message is lost and communication fails.

The accounting memo in question was written from an accountant to another accountant, and was designed to explain the processes of Last In/First Out (LIFO) and First In/First Out (FIFO). In general, we find three general areas of concern if this memo was to be sent to the Executive Vice President of the company:

Information to Include or Omit -- For an executive, information not germaine to the issue should be omitted, any references to meetings, etc. The memo should be more succinct, to the point, and without any extraneous information that would not be of interest at the executive level.

Jargon and/or personal langauge -- Jargon may be understood by accountants, but should be defined for a more general audience. While it is likely that the Vice President has some background, a busy executive should not need to stumble through text in order to make sense of the material. Any indication of personal information (we need to get together this week, etc.) should be removed.

Audience and Repurcussions -- Using an approach to writing that is strategic and focuses on communication intent is vital in modern business. Executives do not have time to waste reading through documents without cogent, pointed...


Often, bullet points of highlights are the best way to get the point across, then explain materials later or in an Appendix, to be used if necessary. In essence, this is simple: "The idea behind an audience-strategy approach is simple: always focus your message on the needs and goals of your audience" (COM Job Search, 2004).




"We need to get together later this week…."

Personal, unrelated to issue


"It is possible we might recommend"

Vague, says nothing to management

Either recommend or do not recommend

"As you know, choosing"

Assumption, does everyone know?

State it without codicils



Be more precise

"No matter which method"

Lacks focus and decision

Executives want sound recommendations

"We need to keep in mind"

Literary, discursive

Simply state the fact

"Did you see the news"

Personal and redundant


Rewritten Memo-

Tom Executive, VP Operations

Andrew Accountant, Senior Project Manager



During inflationary times it is important to reduce capital expenditures and federal and state tax burden as much as possible. Similarly, it is important that our Cost of Goods Sold be monitorited closely since it is likely it will increase along with inventory costs.

The choice of Last In/Fist Out (LIFO) or First In/First Out (FIFO) in inventory management has a robust effect on inventory and Profit and Loss. However, we do have a…

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