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child abuse and reporting protocols describes in detail federal and state definitions, as well as the professions legally obliged to report. Definitions of child abuse include child neglect as well as sexual abuse. However, in the state of New York there are separate categories of abuse based on severity, with abuse being at the top of the hierarchy, followed by neglect. Emotional abuse is also covered. A large portion of the lecture is about how to recognize child abuse, and especially on how to report it because there are legal as well as ethical obligations to do so. However, the lecture also discusses various types of abuse, the causes of abuse such as addiction, and the impact of abuse on the children.

Prior to the lecture, I did not know how many professions were legally obliged to report child abuse. I also did not know the exact protocols for reporting, and had been previously intimidated because of the bureaucratic nature of state and federal institutions. Written reports and other formal documents are required for processing. I did not previously realize the direct…

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