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Prayer and the Death of Christ

Christian living today entails a number of important doctrines and actions, all aimed towards uplifting the individual's soul to a better relationship with God. As such, the Bible acts as a guide towards better Christian living and having a close and fulfilling relationship with the divine. Particularly, two doctrines that are central to Christian living include prayer and the death of Christ. Particularly, prayer helps the Christian individual to communicate with God on various levels, while Christ's death has profound meaning as the central premise of Christianity.

Theological Definition

The Bible Encyclopedia (n.d.) defines prayer as a "conversation with God," in which the individual addresses God directly. Prayer can be offered either orally or mentally. A person can be in constant or occasional prayer, and it can be either spontaneous or formal. In the Bible, several phrases have been used to describe prayer, including "beseeching the Lord" (Ex. 32:11), "praying and crying to heaven" (2 Chr. 32:20), and "drawing near to God" (Ps. 73:28). Basically, the individual comes to God with respect and humility and either makes a request, give thanks, or otherwise communicates with the divine.

As such, there is a belief in God's personality and his ability and willingness to communicate with his people. It also presupposes a belief that God controls all things and actions.

b. Biblical/Scriptural
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basis Foundation

The Bible does not offer specific instructions for the format of the "perfect prayer" (Bible Encyclopedia, n.d.). Frequently, supplicants who pray in the Bible kneel (as in Luke 22:41 and Acts 7:60). There is also mention of bowing and "falling prostrate" (Matt. 26:39). Some spread out their hands (1 Tim. 2:8), while others simply stand (Mark 11:25).

The Lord's Prayer, given in Matthew 6:9-13 provides a good generic basis for prayer, but does not dictate any specific attitudes that should be assumed while praying. Prayer is, however, a frequent and important occurrence throughout the Bible.

There are several types of prayers. One kind is the "secret" prayer, where the individual prays in the secrecy and privacy of his or her home or room. There are also family prayers and social prayer, which occur during times of worship at church or other religious services.

c. Practical application

In terms of the practical application of prayer, the individual Christian is expected to pray on a regular basis as part of his or her religious practice. According to Von Buseck (2014), there are three particular ingredients required in a prayer that might expect an answer. First, persistence is important; second, the purpose of the prayer should be clear, while it should also be personal. With these three elements,…

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