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Classroom Management Plan for Responsibility

It is obvious to say that the main goal for anyone who is trying to manage a classroom of students is to encourage responsibility and accountability for all those involved - student and teacher alike. For instilling responsibility, especially in younger students, I believe that it would be most helpful from day one to establish ground rules and expectations for the students, no matter what age group you may be dealing with. Students tend to learn well in a structured environment and while it is important to bring variety into classrooms, it is also important for students to know what is expected and what the ground rules may be.

In creating a structured learning environment it is possible to maximize time spent on learning while also minimizing disruptions. The working environment should be one of respect for student and teacher, with a friendly leaning approach. It has been noted in many journal articles that teachers must control the classroom to provide an effective learning environment. While this is true, it must also be said that by giving some of the control away, the teacher will be more able to help students learn responsibility…

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