Cloud Computing Case Study

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Cloud Computing

Explain why cloud computing differs from other traditional forms of providing IT support. This answer should include the characteristics of cloud computing.

There are many different definitions that can be used to describe cloud computing. However, the importance of how the technology is transforming business models greatly exceeds any specific definition. There are three different forms of the cloud that are cited in any definition of cloud computing (Gabrielsson, Hubertsson, Mas, & Skog, 2010). The most common version of a cloud solution is the Software as a Service (SaaS). This allows users to access software on demand that is hosted online.

Cloud Connectivity (Gabrielsson, Hubertsson, Mas, & Skog, 2010)

Cloud computing also encompasses Platform as a Service (PaaS). An example of this could be an entire organizational email platform that runs on the cloud structure. The final component of the cloud system is known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This allows users to access external infrastructure that allows them to externalize functions such as storage and processing that would have previously run only on internal hardware. Because all of these functions are hosted offsite, this changes the requirements for service. For example, before cloud services such as SaaS, the information and the software would actually be stored and processed on the user's computer. However, with the new applications and services the servicing can be done remotely.

2. Give an example of specific organizational uses for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, This answer should include an organization such as a restaurant or small furniture manufacturer and why one of the SPI models would be best suited for them.


For example, a small business could use Gmail as a simple SaaS email provider. If the small business wanted to customize their own software then they might consider a PaaS. This would allow them to use components from a vendor to customize their own applications. For example, a restaurant could have a take-out order application that worked with the PaaS model. The IaaS model would be the most unlikely for a small business to use but would provide a comprehensive infrastructure that could be used to manage the entire process.

3. Compare the cloud service providers described in the text. Is there one that you would rate superior and why?

Cloud service providers have been competing fiercely in a market that has seen extraordinary growth over the last few years. The major player in this market is definitely Amazon Web Services. Many people believe that Google is the industry leader because many of the Google cloud services are already popular such as Gmail and its accompanying programs. But Amazon Web Services has for years been the front-runner in the business of renting computer power to companies and commands the majority of the market share (Mims, 2014).

Instead of focusing on SaaS software solutions, Amazon built the background for IaaS and PaaS that other third party vendors used to build different cloud services. These services were previously cloud only offerings…

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