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college degree. (B) The characteristics highly effective people (C)Why ( ) school uniforms (D) How manage time.

School uniforms are important because they teach young individuals with regard to the importance of equality. While some might be inclined to wear expensive clothes to schools, others are probable to be underprivileged and would be indirectly made to suffer as a result of observing how their colleagues have everything they want.

In some cases school uniforms can have negative effects on individuals because they prevent them from being able to express themselves freely.
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Some might feel that this is a form of restriction and that they are unable to find their personal identity while wearing a school uniform. This can actually have catastrophic effects on an individual, taking into account that he or she would identify with his or her colleagues and would gradually be influenced to abandon principles that he or she gathered through the years.

What is worrying about school uniforms is that even though they teach individuals important information concerning the significance of equality, they are actually ineffective in some situations.…

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