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Communications as a Discipline

By its very definition, "communication is a social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in the environment." ("SPC 3210, Chapter 1") But it is more than just a social process, there are a number of other aspects involved in communication. Whether it is thought of in terms of one of the three models: linear, interaction, or transactional, communication involves many other facets than just the transmission of information from one person to another. ("SPC 3210, Chapter 1") There are psychological aspects of communication, as well as semantic, physical, and physiological ones. Therefore, Communication is a discipline which crosses over into a number of other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, physiology, politics, ethics, and many others.

While the study of communication shares aspects with many other disciplines, none of them can alone encompass all that communication means. Because communication involves interaction between two or more people, sociology is a major component, but while communication is a major part of sociology, it is not the entire discipline. Another example is semiotics, or "the study of signs." ("SPC 3210, Chapter 2") Signs are an important part of communication which could involve the laughter of children, a ring on a finger, or a person crying. ("SPC 3210, Chapter 2") These kinds of signs can act as a means of communication, while other signs can be used for other actions. The same applies for psychology, politics, and all the other disciplines that involve communication; it plays an important role but is not the entire subject.

While many characteristics of the field of communications are shared by other disciplines, communications must be considered a discipline of it own. Just because it involves rhetoric, semiotics, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, etc., it is not simply an aspect of any single one. Communications is a wide-ranging discipline, and if anything, sociology and other disciplines should be considered to be part…

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