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Communication is integral and essential to any human relationship and especially between health care workers and their patients. Even when a language barrier is present, patients and their doctors can try to communicate issues related to symptoms, pain, treatment options, and concerns. However, language barriers do pose a major obstacle in all human communications. Doctors and their patients who speak different languages must be highly sensitive. When translators are unavailable, we must rely on non-verbal communication including facial expressions and gestures. Therefore, the most important aspect of communication is not necessarily the language itself. In fact, what a person says and what that person means are often two entirely different things. Tone of voice, body language, and other non-verbal cues signal what is in many cases far more information than words themselves.

One of the most important aspects of communication if not the most important is clarity. A person should always aim to convey a message clearly, with cues that match the receiver's level of expertise, expectations, and social status. For example, the way a person tells a child about the weather is different than the way that same person would tell a stranger or a mother or a friend about it. Clarity entails clear words, diction, and a non-sarcastic tone of voice. Avoiding hyperbole (exaggeration), bias, and other blocks to clarity will help any health care professional work better with their coworkers and with the patient population.

I will do everything I can to keep my communications clear, open, and honest. Keeping in mind that clear communications are the hallmark of any healthy relationship will remind me to cultivate clarity in all my interactions with patients as well as coworkers. In fact, communications among coworkers can be as important as those between doctors and patients. Types of medications and treatments being used, allergies, and other information needs to be relayed accurately because human lives are at stake. Because patients' lives and well-being are at stake communications are of the utmost importance in our workplace.

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